Rory Groves Co-Owner





Though Rory does write articles for the Quiet Grove he mainly deals with the business aspects of the site, a majority of the photography, video recording & editing, as well as graphic design & Illustration work.


In addition to helping co-run The Quiet, Rory is also working with his best friend to design several game apps (Rory doing all the illustrations and design work and his friend/business partner Joseph doing the Programing) I’ll let you know when these apps are released since they are going to be AMAZING!
At little about Rory. Rory is the oldest of 4 children. He was born and raised in the shadows of a small mining community in the mountain west, as was his father before him and his father before him. He is a true artist at heart. Even as a kid, he was always artistically inclined. Now as an adult, it’s rare to find him without a camera or an open sketchpad. While mostly self-taught Rory has an impressive portfolio and Resume of Work and Skills. 


Rory fully embraces the life a Technomad.  Traveling with his family and working via his laptop and specialty drawing monitor. When not tirelessly working on his craft, Rory enjoys the attempting to be self-reliant, outdoors (biking, camping, gardening, and chasing his crazy kids, only to name a few, but not swimming) as well as fixing things, reading and games of all kind (board, video, sports, and politics).


The best thing about Rory is his hands on attitude helping wherever needed. He takes his roles as Husband and Father very seriously and is insistent that he do his part.  (Yes that means that in addition to his work Rory has no problem cleaning dishes after I cook a meal, helping homeschool the kids, playing with the kids and even helping do the laundry when I am working on a project! Seriously he is the BEST!)



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