Did you know that the Word Create literally means to Organize?

I was taught growing up that when life gets hard to… CREATE! I love that. When I create I feel lifted above my trials if just for a little bit.

Lately I have felt a strong need to create.

Before I can sit down and work on creative projects I HAVE to have clean space to work in. If my house is a disaster I find that I am too easily distracted, overwhelmed and creatively stymied.

I know my husband feels the same way and since he works from home now I feel an added pressure to have our home clean and orderly throughout the day and not just by the time he gets home from work.

“Most days it seems like while I am busy cleaning up one room others are being literally torn apart.


The problem is that my husband and I share our home with three children aged 4 and under (as well as my adult brother who lives in my basement). Can you see my problem? That’s right most days it seems like while I am busy cleaning up one room others are being literally torn apart. This destruction is usually at the hands of my two year old son. All the others just add to the clutter and mess of our home but my son is curious, busy, and too often destructive child…sigh.


So today I have decided to CREATE a clean and organized Home. I have been working hard all day and at this exact moment I am happy to say that my laundry is mostly caught up. (I have the last load in the wash) The dishes are all put away or in hot he dishwasher. The rest of the main floor, basement, and even the kids rooms are clean and the office and master bedroom are decent…

It doesn’t matter when I finally got the house clean…Right? What matters is that for at least a few hours it sparkled.


Of course it is midnight and I am too tired to work on my projects right now. I should probably be taking advantage of the fact that my teething baby is actually asleep and be sleeping myself instead of typing in my new blog. I will in just a moment 😉

The good news is that tomorrow with the help of my wonderful mother I will get to create to my hearts content. That’s right, while my darling husband is busy working at home, I will be over at my parents house sewing quilts for my children for Christmas. I have gorgeous flannel I have purchased to make strip quilts for each of my children that will go perfectly with their rooms. Today my mother helped me cut the fabric for both of my son’s quilts. Tomorrow my mother will help cut the strips for my daughters quilt while I work on sewing up both of my son’s quilts. I’m hoping that with my mother helping me with the quilts and my little sister running interference aka watching my kiddos that I will be able to get all three done before heading home. I’m hoping…we will see what actually happens.

The best part is that I will get to come home to a clean home which is good for Thursday I hope to work on finishing another Christmas banner with my new Silhouette.

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    1. Sadly life got a little crazy and I never finished them. I plant to do so this year to give to my kids in time for Christmas.

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