Did you know that Joann Fabrics has a totally awesome Black Friday Sale every year where you can get Flannel for 75% OFF?

Last year (2013) on Black Friday I bought some adorable flannel at JoAnn’s to make quilts for my two children for Christmas. Unfortunately due to some nasty morning sickness I never even got the fabric washed let alone cut and sewn.

Where I loved the fabric I got for my son, I wasn’t as happy with what I was able to get for my daughter. Oh don’t get me wrong,the fabric was cute and all, but just not what I was visualizing for my daughter’s room.

With that in mind I got my daughter up insanely early and joined my little sister this year to hit JoAnns Black Friday sale in hopes of finding just the right fabric. I figured that if I found what I was looking for that I could use the fabric I bought last year to make baby blankets for my Etsy shop.

 I am happy to say that this year they had many new prints which I just had to get, including the two that my daughter and I picked for her quilt.

Need to get a major project done with 3 small kids in tow?? Time to call 1-800-Grandma!

And Grandma To the Rescue: TheQuietGrove.Com
And Grandma To the Rescue: TheQuietGrove.Com

Trying to work on such a big project alone with three kids under feet was a bit overwhelming so I called up my mother to solicit some help. She readily agreed to yesterday I packed up my kids and drove the 25 minutes to my mothers home prepared to work, work, work.

With the help of my mother and little sister I was able to get down to some serious quilt making. I managed sew up all three (now that I have a daughter and two sons) quilt tops and we only had one semi major incident. At one point my precocious 2 1/2 year old son managed to get a hold of my phone and take a whole ton of pictures of my parents living room Christmas tree and decorations before abandoning the phone to instead start playing with my mother’s laptop during which he pried off 8 of the keys…sigh.

My Daughter helping sew her flannel Quilt Top: TheQuietGrove.Com
My Daughter helping sew her flannel Quilt Top: TheQuietGrove.Com

A highlight for my kids in addition to getting to play at Grandma’s house was when I let them help me sew a part of B’s Quilt. They carefully followed my instructions as we took turns sewing a strip on. I am excited for when they are a little older and I can actually teach them how to sew and make things themselves. Life makes the best School!

Yey for finally getting around to making the quilts I originally planned to do a year ago.

Flannel Quilt Top: TheQuietGrove.Com
Flannel Quilt Top: TheQuietGrove.Com

As for the quilt tops; I decided that I wanted to keep the pattern simple, especially since I was working with flannel, Flannel is really soft and makes great blankets because of that. However the reason it is soft is because it is a looser weave, which means it can fray a lot easier. I solved that by using a simpler pattern (a strip pattern with two different sized strips with a border) and I made the seam allowance just a little wider. This way when I quilt it down on my sewing machine the seams will be reinforced.

Sadly due to having to semi-frequently having to stop to take care of my three kids (especially my 4 1/2 month old who I am still nursing) I was only able to get the tops of the quilts done, but I am really happy with how they turned out. I cant wait to finish them. I’ll post more pictured when I get them finished.

Are you sewing any fun items this Christmas for your children?

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