Most People have no idea how much work goes into planning a wedding.


Speaking as someone who used to plan and cater weddings, they take a lot of planning and work to get the results most desire. There are many aspects that go into planning such an important event. That doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming. The key is to know what needs to be planned, and to stay organized. It helps to break it down into bullet points and then prioritize the bullet point and just work your way down the list.


To help you out here is a basic list of what you need to decide upon and plan for your Wedding and Reception:


  • Date (Day, Month, Year, Season)
  • Location (Church, Reception Hall, Home, Yard, Park, Other…)
  • Price Range
  • Colors (Main and secondary)
  • Flowers (Wedding Bouquet, Corsages/Boutonnieres, Decorations)
  • Type (Formal/Informal, Traditional/Non Traditional)
  • Style (Classic, Country, Nerdy, Retro, Casual…)
  • Décor Preference


Great list to know what things you need to plan for a wedding.


  • Food (Professionally Catered or Home Catered)
  • Dress/Tux (& Accessories)
  • Bridesmaids/Groomsmen (Yes/No…If Yes Who?)
  • Bridal Party outfits (You pay/They buy their own, Matching/Coordinating)
  • Rings (Price, Style, Metal)
  • Bridal Showers
  • Registries
  • Invitations (personally designed or professionally)
  • Honeymoon (This is usually one of the Groom’s Responsibilities)
  • Rehearsal Dinner/Wedding Brunch (Which do you want to have? This is usually one of the responsibility of the Groom’s Family)
  • Kids or No Kids (if you are allowing kids you might want to create a Kid’s Corner to keep them occupied)


For those who need a little more help knowing when to start working on each part of your wedding planning there are some great check lists available for free online. Just Google “Wedding Planning Checklist”.

What do you think? Did I leave off anything important on my Wedding Planning Checklist? If so please tell us!


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