For years, I have fought an inner dialog that is anything but loving. It is amazing how hard it can be to love yourself.


When I was younger I was too skinny, too flat, too awkward (especially around the opposite sex) and too shy. I was too frumpy and way too unfashionable. No matter what I did or tried to do it was never enough. I was never enough. At least, that is what my inner dialog too often told me. With maturity, I now understand that much of the negative inner dialog that I suffered from in my youth, (and at times still do suffer from) were because I had bought into lies.

We are all being bombarded almost constantly with lies or false ideals about who we should be and what we should look like. If we aren’t careful it is easy to start believing these lies. Too many of us do, to our great sorrow. It is these insidious lies that tell us that we aren’t beautiful unless we are like size 0 for women or stacked with muscles if you are a man. That to be beautiful and of worth, we need to always look like we just stepped off the page of a beauty magazine or be wildly successful in the business world. On the flip side, it is also these lies that tell us that if we are overweight or unaccomplished then there is nothing we can do about it so we might as well learn to settle in our self-expectations about ourselves.



My body may not be perfect, but it is quite amazing. I have been able to carry three precious lives within me. I have the ability to think, act for myself, manifest greatness, create beauty, contemplate the divine. How amazing is that? However, knowing this isn’t enough. Why? Because Truly loving ourselves is more than just thinking nice things about ourselves. It is about action. When we love ourselves we take care of ourselves. We nurture ourselves while at the same time nurturing truths about ourselves.





Check out this list of 25 Ways we can Love ourselves this year, and see if there is something that resonates with you: 


1 – Take some time to meditate: Even if just 5 minutes.

2 – Pray: This is often a major part of my meditation, grounding, and daily shielding. When life gets you down PRAY.

3 – Read from the Holy Scripture: Nothing like the Word of God to nourish the soul. Personally, I LOVE Psalms & Proverbs in the OT and the Gospels in the NT.

4 – Choose to not give into ANY negative dialog: Words have power. Make sure you are watching both your internal dialog and the words you vocalize.

5 – Say out loud positive affirmations: This helps you retrain your mind by reaffirming truth.

6 – Drink a tall soothing glass of water: Even better is water with fresh lemon in it.

7 – Read a book: Books not only improve your intellect, but also increase your creativity, empathy, and imagination. For those who aren’t big readers, try listening to an audio book. That’s what my husband prefers. I am a nut when it comes to reading. My favorite books are fairy tales and biographies.

8 – Slip away to take a soothing Shower or Bath:  If you choose to go with a bath try adding Bubbles, Epson salts, or Essential Oils.

9 – Eat something healthy: You know that carrot or apple you know is somewhere in your fridge…Yeah, go eat that. Trust me your body will thank you for it.

10 – Give in to a nice hearty laugh: There are a ton of studies on how laughing does amazing things for your health.

11 – Create a vision board, write down/record your ideal life vision, or set inspiring goals: This will give you clarity and purpose for your life.

12 – Tell your loved ones that you LOVE them: Bonus points if you can do so  in their love language so that they really get the message. But all else fails, at least, use those 3 simple words. We all need to hear them on occasion.

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46 thoughts on “25 Ways to Love yourself This Year!

  1. JUST found this on Pinterest and jumped over to see what you’d written – nice!

    Watch for a ping from the New Year’s article. on my ADD/EFD-focused blog. [A Brand New Year – gulp!] I’ll be linking directly. I hope you’ll have time to check it out (scroll down for Related Content links). Leave me a comment to let me know you were there if you make it.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    1. I am glad you found me. Thanks for including a link to my post in your A Brand New Year- Gulp post! I look forward to checking out your post later today when I have a minute.

  2. Love your perspective. I met a beautiful lady recently who didn’t see her own beauty. Keep sharing and change minds one person at a time.

    1. Thanks. Sadly it is easy to not see our worth and beauty. But once we do we can see the beauty in everything.

  3. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love other people. I find that so true. These are very nice ways to show yourself some love!

    1. Thanks. I really believe it is important to take care of yourself. Especially if you plan on trying to take care of others.

  4. i would love to go on a date this year hopefully i will find someone special! great list

    1. The best way to start is to just pick something and run with it. Then as you go you can add more to it. Good luck on your goal to love yourself more this year.

    1. Agreed. As a mother I am called on to nurture, serve and love everyday, but I have to remember that to keep doing so I have to fill my inner well first.

    1. As a mother of 3 5 and under I totally relate. Even if you only take 5 minutes each day it can make a huge difference.

  5. What a list, So very easy to forget to Smile just for you, Taking a walk is a learned art for many, they find it hard to do, I love walking. Having a spa pamper day with my girls awesome 🙂 A hobby, Play..all awesome ways to enjoy our life which is loving oneself 🙂

    1. Glad you love the list. Some on the list take a lot of time others only minutes but the result is the same. A healthier happier you.

    1. That’s awesome. The important thing is to keep loving yourself by taking care of yourself. Keep being awesome!

  6. I like that you addressed inner and outer negative dialogue. It’s important to avoid it verbally, but thinking it can be just as destructive.

  7. It is important to watch how you think too, not just to monitor what you’re saying. Words are important whether we speak them or think them. 🙂 I like your list.

    1. I totally agree. We are told to think of everyone but ourselves, but if we did that we would soon have nothing left to give.

  8. A beautiful post. My oldest daughter thinks I am so together. I tell her always, believe me we work to get comfortable in our own skin. Lovely read

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