First off I have to give credit to my sister. Her oldest child was turning 6 and she wanted a Jake and the Neverland Pirate party.


The only problem was that my little sister is 8 months pregnant. Luckily I live nearby and both my kids were invited to the party so I was able to help where help was needed.


The invitations (which I created) were wrapped and secured in empty (mini Naked) Juice Bottles to give them a message in the bottle feel, and then were hand delivered.


Pirate Party 3

My sister baked, cut and dirty frosted the Pirate cake and then I did the rest (aka frosting it to actually look like Jake and the Never Land’s Pirate Cake) I don’t think I did that bad of a job. 🙂


Pirate Party 4

When the kids arrived they grabbed their pirate, and in some cases non pirate garb (That’s right my daughter decided to be a mermaid and then later took off that costume put on wings and declared she was a pixie hallow fairy.) from the dress up pile.


Even my baby joined in the pirate fun. Doesn’t he look adorbs with his eye patch?


Next it was time for a fun craft of making spyglasses with toilet paper rolls.

Pirate Party 2

The kids had a blast going through the pirate Obstacle/Treasure Hunt. and then of course eating cake, ice cream and watching the birthday girl open presents.


Pirate Party 5


Then before the parent came and picked up all the kids, my sister had everyone go outside she we could take a group picture with the awesome cardboard pirate ship she made.


At the party my daughter (who’s birthday is next month) announced that she was going to have a vampire birthday and that everyone would have to dress up.I informed her that this was news to me. Thankfully today she has changed her mind and is instead asking for a Space Party with stars, planets, space ships and astronauts.That I can Do. 😉

What have your kids recently requested for their Birthday Parties?


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