My husband and I are firm believers of the principle of provident living.


This is why one of the first upgrades we made to our new home last year was to build 3 1/2 large garden boxes and plant some fruit trees.


I wasn’t able to help much with this project due to being very pregnant at the time. I did what I could, but my awesome husband bore the brunt of this task. Because of this we weren’t able to plant till the first week of July.


Some said we were starting too late and would get much of a harvest. We were worried that that might be true but decided to go ahead and plant anyways. Though we were in a hurry to get our starts and seeds planted we still took the time to let our children (then 4 and 2 years of age) help us with the process.


It is not always easy (especially with small children) but we believe that it is very worth it. Gardening is hard work. you have to plant, water, and regularly weed your plants. And occasionally take measures to save your plants from certain bugs. Then comes the harvest even that takes work.  That is a good thing for work builds discipline and character.


Gardening is a great time to reconnect and bond as a family. It is also a fun time to talk to each other and talk about what is going on in their life.  Another bonus I have found is that my little ones are more willing to try new vegetables when it came from the garden that they helped grow.


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