I can still remember the day I learned that miracles really do happen.


It was a Sunday afternoon in the fall when I was just a child. My family was gathered in our family room discussing a gospel topic that my parents had assigned us all to study about that day. I had just finished sharing what I had found when we heard a loud pinging sound hitting our home.


My brothers ran out of the room and up the stairs to look out the back window and see what was making the noise. Since I was smaller I was slower. It was because of this, that I was close enough to my mother to notice her stop mid stair to offer a prayer I will never forget. You see, she knew exactly what the noise was. it was a massive hail storm.


What was my mother praying about? Our family Garden. We had worked so hard as a family all summer  long weeding, watering and caring for our garden.  We were going to be harvesting the fruits of our labors any day now, and were each soo excited to be able to present to our family what we had grown.


My mother knew that this storm could destroy all our hard work in a matter of moments . And so she prayed. I was humbled as I listened to my mother pour out her heart and  plead with her maker  that day.



When she finished her prayer I sped up my steps to make it to the back door where my brothers were. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything was covered in the white little hail stones that were still coming down in a steady fall.  Everything, that is except for our garden. There were a handful of stones in the garden walkways and a few stray stones in the beds, but that is all. I don’t know if I can adequately describe the sight we witnessed that day.  It was as if there was some sort of force field protecting our garden. We stood and watched as the hail was deflected off of that invisible shield to land in the yard instead.


The Day God Sent a Miracle to Save Our Family Garden

My brothers didn’t know what was happening, but I did. God was answering my mother’s prayer. He had sent a miracle just for us.


I remember my mother asking us to gather together as a family so that we could say a prayer of thanks. I remember that not only was our garden spared , but that that year we had the BEST harvest I can remember.  I swear out vegetables tasted all the better for the knowledge that  God sent a miracle to save it for us.



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7 thoughts on “The Day God Sent a Miracle to Save Our Family Garden

  1. I love hearing stories like this! God truly does care and hears our prayers and answers them with the answer we need.

    1. Thanks. Whenever I am in doubt that God heard and answers prayers I am reminded of this and so many other memories of where He has that my doubts disapear.

  2. I have seen God’s hand at work in my life, but never THAT clearly. What a blessing and such a tremendous moment to build a faith in a God that is faithful to hear our prayers, even in the seemingly small things sometimes!

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