This last week two friends (that my husband and I consider family) got married.

We were so happy for them. When our friends came to me asking for some help in designing their wedding announcement and to put together a simple and elegant back yard wedding reception I quickly agreed. It had been years since I had done any wedding planning and I was excited for the opportunity to help.


We chose to have the reception in her parents new back yard for the cozy atmosphere. We opted not to put up white lights (like we were originally thinking of doing) since the sun wouldn’t be going down till after the reception. Instead we hung white paper lanterns from the trees over where we put the wedding cake (made by my friend’s talented Aunt) and an arch for the couple to stand under and get photos with their guests. (we also hung small paper lanterns on the arch along with ivy.)


Having a beautiful wedding reception doesn't have to cost a fortune.


My friend’s colors were dark purple, light grey and white which looked gorgeous against the dark green grass and trees that lined the back yard. We used two rectangle mirrors  with three small glass jars (filled with white sand iridescent beads and one tea light candle.) Off to the side they put up a dance floor which was enjoyed by guests of all ages.


For refreshments she chose to have fruit kabobs (perfect for the hot weather we have been experiencing), veggie sticks in cups (with ranch dressing), yummy wraps, Cupcakes, sugar cookies drizzled with chocolate, some fudge (made by the brides Grandfather), and yes Lemon Cheesecake Bars. For those who didn’t want any of the special punch we had ice water (which due to the heat was a favorite of most who attended.)


And we cant forget the kids corner. We had a kids table set up with cute activity pages, crayons, and homemade lemon suckers with silver sprinkles. (which I am sure that more then one adult enjoyed.)

The evening was enchanting. It was fun to mingle with the families of both my friends. My favorite part of the evening had to be the bouquet toss. Everyone laughed to see the bouquet land in front of the three youngest single ladies at the reception (my daughter is the one on the left.) For the rest of the night those three were a tight little group giggling while taking turns admiring the beautiful flowers.


These cute little girls were so excited to catch the bouquet.


Having a beautiful wedding reception doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you use a bit of creativity and resourcefulness its amazing what you can do. What are your favorite ideas for backyard wedding receptions?


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