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Growing up, I remember spending hours upon hours playing dress up with my older brothers.

We would put together the craziest outfits and come up with the most random story lines in our pretend play. Then one day we had an idea. It was a brilliant idea really. We decided to put on a play for our parents! Even better, we were going to CHARGE THEM MONEY to watch it!

My parents (who were always looking for ways to encourage us to use our imagination and creativity) totally loved our idea. They even offered to buy  a ticket roll for us to use. And then offered to help us  make a ticket booth out of a large box that they happened to have from replacing one of our kitchen appliances.


The night of our first performance my brothers and I were bursting with excitement.

I was in charge of manning the ticket booth while my brothers finished setting up the stage (we just used an old sheet in front of our book case (anchored by large books. When  mom, dad and our baby sister were all seated our performance began.


We had soo much fun this became a regular event at our home.


Sometimes we preformed as little actors a play we had written ourselves, and sometimes (usually when it was my brother’s turn to choose) we would build ships out of constructs (like legos) and we would put on a war story in which every ship was in pieces by the end (What can I say? War can be ugly).

Now that I am grown and have small children of my own I thought it was time to resurrect the Family Home Theater Night.

When I told my children (who already adore dressing up and playing make believe as I did at their age) they were super excited.  I can’t wait to see what my children come up with to entertain us this summer with our weekly Family Theater nights. So Far there have been talks of plays, storytelling, and light shows (with glow sticks.)


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