When I got married I was advised to make it a priority to date my husband.

At the time I didn’t think too much about the advice.  I mean it’s not like we would just stop dating now that we were married. And yet, that is exactly what happened.


After our honeymoon we both slipped into our busy work schedules, and doing everything needed to keep our home running (like shopping, cooking, cleaning…) Sure when we weren’t busy working we were often found together. However that is not the same as dating.


When you go on a date, then your partner is the center of your attention. You put the world on hold and become each other’s world.  


Once children started coming into our lives we found ourselves even more busy and our funds even tighter. Where dates were a rare occurrence before, now they were downright nonexistent.


My husband and I began to notice a strain on our relationship.  Don’t get me wrong. We still loved each other. Very much in fact. Yet, there definitely was a strain we were feeling.  Eventually we sat down and talked about what could be wrong.


We realized that we had been  soooo busy with everything else that we had been neglecting our relationship.  We needed to start focusing on building our relationship once more.  We needed some us time. We needed to follow that long forgotten advice and start dating.


So we started going out on dates again. And can I tell you the world of difference it has made?!? Our marriage is now stronger than ever before. I LOVE it!!!


Since money is still tight for us (with 3 children a mortgage and a home business) we have become experts on fun dates that don’t break the bank.  Here are some of our favorites!


Date Nights Out:

– A Date to the Park

We live in a young community. One of the youngest in the nation. Because of this, there are LOTS of parks nearby.  We have found it can be a blast to run around and laughingly play on the equipment like we are decades younger.


-House Stalking Date

One of my husband and my favorite dates is to drive around through different neighborhoods and look at the architectural styles of houses and note which we like the best. Sort of like dream home window shopping excursion.  As we do this we tend to talk about our dreams/visions for the future.  It is really a bonding experience.


-Window Shopping for Romantic Cards

I first got this idea from my Aunt Bea and Uncle Wally. They recently shared an Anniversary tradition that I just fell in love with.

 “It began one year when we were too broke after Christmas to buy anything for our anniversary. We were at a local store perusing the greeting cards when I found one I liked. I handed it to Wally and said, “Here’s the card I would get if I bought a card to give you.” He found a card that expressed his sentiments and showed it to me. Then we both replaced the cards in the display and went on our way knowing how we each felt about the other. Since that day we have carried on the same tradition. Light-hearted, silly, fun, and FREE!”- Aunt Bea

Window shopping for cards that express how you feel about your spouse is not only an awesome Anniversary tradition, but I think it could make a fun date night activity as well.

-Movie Dates

Now going out to the movies can get expensive.  But it is fun to go out and see a much awaited movie together on the big screen. To save money we usually go to  movies on matinee on the weekend (Most theaters offer a discount for matinees) Or we go on $5 Tuesdays (Both the local Cinamark, and Megaplex theaters have this special)

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71 thoughts on “12 Creative Ways to Date Your Spouse That Wont Break Your Budget

  1. My husband and I tend to have a lot of movie nights. I love all of your ideas 🙂

    1. We like movies a lot too. We just like to switch things up. Glad you like the ideas.

    1. You really should. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes

  2. These are totally great inexpensive things to do. My husband find it hard too to have dates, mainly childcare is so expensive, so they are always with us hence no “us” time. One day though they will be able to talk care of themselves and we’ll finally have “us” time.

    1. Have you tried to set up a babysitting child swap with a friend? You watch their kids so they can go out and then they watch your kids so you can have a date night?

  3. Wonderful list! I love that you still enjoy a “time out” with your loved one and it be affordable too! Great!

  4. My husband and I love to house stalk too! It’s so much fun to see all the pretty houses and dream about “one day”. It’s hard to make time for actual date nights sometimes… when life is so busy just having both of us in the car for a trip through the drive through can feel like a date. I love taking that special time though… thanks for all these tips…we always struggle for (cheap!) ideas!

    1. Yey we aren’t the only house stalkers! I feel a kinship with you already! Glad you liked the ideas 😉

  5. These are great tips. A book date sounds really nice. We both love to read, but we haven’t done this.

  6. My husband and I love to walk around downtown. And yes, we’re holding hands. When we get tired of walking, we go to our favorite coffee shop and have coffee.

  7. What great ideas. Sharing with my son and his wife who are making a conscious effort to spend time together.

  8. This is a great list with some awesome ideas. We go to our local theater on discount tuesdays too. It saves money and breaks up the week.

    1. Its hard for us to justify going to a movie on the weekends when I know I can go for almost half the cost if I wait until Tuesday. It helps that my husband and I work from home 😉

  9. Oh my gosh, these are great! We really need to find new ways to reconnect after just having our second. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I’m glad you like the ideas. I’m always be on the lookout for more fun/cheep/ and easy date ideas, so if you think of any other good ones, let me know!

    1. I hear you. My kids are 1,3,&5. We can’t afford baby sitters and family isnt often available which is why we found good friends we trust who are in the same boat and we do kid swapping. We watch all the kids for them to have a date then they watch all the kids so we can go. Otherwise we do dates while the kids are in bed (even a short date is better than no date.)

    1. Glad you like he ideas. Yes some of our favorite dates are the simple ones. The most important thing is we are together.

  10. It’s funny when you 1st get married how you give each other mushy cards at least my husband and I used to. I miss that. I think I will surprise him and give him one 🙂

    1. Go for it. I am sure your husband will love getting a random mushy card 😉

  11. A movie in the park & walking downtown are great ideas for a date night. Free movies are being shown near me this weekend.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the list. I am sure you will find the right partner at the right time:

    1. It really is. Your relationship with your spouse is one of the ost important relationships you can/will ever have. And yet too often it is the first one we neglect.

    1. $5 Tuesday is sooo sweet. I think I’ll cry if they ever discontinue it. 😉

  12. Cute ideas! We do some of them too, it’s fun to come up with easy and free dates. 🙂

    1. I agree. If you have any suggestions for fun dates that I didn’t list feel free to share.

  13. These are such great ideas! Dating after marriage really slows down because of busy schedules. It’s easy to get into routine and forget to still have fun with each other. I love all of these ideas. We usually end up going to movies so we should really branch out. Love it!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Have fun trying out some different date ideas!

  14. Yes! Our date nights began 47 years ago this weekend, and we’re still having fun. It’s always been about being together not about where we are or what we’re doing. I guess we got good practice for inexpensive dating because we started as pooooor college kids. 🙂

    1. That is awesome! Regular date night really do make a difference, and you are right it’s not about how much you spend its about being together.

  15. We do a lot of date nights in. Sometimes it can be as simple as soaking in the tub together to really getting engaged in a film or conversation.

    1. With 3 little kids we do a lot of date night ins as well. The important thing is to take the time for just the two of you.

  16. These are adorable! I Love finding ways to live frugally and these are just perfect. If you ever want to consider swapping guest posts, just let me know at thejahns15@gmail.com – my blog is all about not breaking the budget and I think this type of post would fit so well! 🙂

  17. There are wonderful ideas. We do not have much money set aside for dating, so I appreciate the low-cost ideas here. I will be sharing this on my “Loving Your Husband” Pinterest board.

    1. We don’t have much of a budget either for our dating which is why I am always looking for inexpensive and creative ideas for date nights. Glad you like the post. Thanks for sharing.

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