Keeping your children properly hydrated in the Summer heat is very important.


This is why I always have Ice water available. I have a water/ice dispenser on our fridge, but during the summer I also like to have our large water cooler filled with ice water available as well. (My middle son likes cold water but doesn’t like ice in his cup)


Sometimes I like to give them a special treat to keep them cold. This week I had the idea to use Gatorade to make Homemade Icees which not only cooled them off and hydrated them, but also helped with their electrolytes.

What you need:

2-3 Ice Trays

1 Large Bottle of Gatorade




I used about 3/4 of the bottle of Gatorade filling ice cube trays to freeze (setting the rest of the bottle aside).

Beat The Heat Homemade Gatorade Icee

The next day I pulled out the Gatorade filled Ice trays and let my kids help me empty them into my blender.  I added about 1/2 the remaining Gatorade from the bottle I had set aside the night before.

Beat The Heat Homemade Gatorade Icee

Then I let the kids help me begin blending (alternating between pulse and crush) occasionally adding more Gatorade as needed. This only takes a few minutes. Once the Gatorade ice cubes are fully crushed, pour into cups and Wallah…A Super Yummy Gatorade Icee!

Beat The Heat Homemade Gatorade Icee

What is your favorite Gatorade flavor? I’m sure it would taste even better as an Icee!


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