This last Thursday my sister and I attended a totally fun Pre-Grand Opening Blogger Event for BELLA ELLA BOUTIQUE at the University Mall in Orem. 


I have been following BELLA ELLA BOUTIQUE on Facebook for a while now, and loved the clothes they post about. (Seriously they have really cute clothes). However, this was the first time I had actually been to one of their stores.


I ended up grabbing soo many clothes that I wanted to try on that one of the store manager came over and offered to place them in the dressing room for me to try on when I was ready. I was sad to discover that I was a bit to curvy to wear their super cute pants, but I was informed that they actually have a Bella Ella-Curvy location not far away in American Fork  that I am totally going to check out.




The best part is by participating in the Pre-Grand Opening I was given a special BELLA ELLA BOUTIQUE COUPON CODE (thequietgrove15) for my readers to get 15% off your next purchase!


Most of the pictures (all but the two I took of myself trying on outfits) are curtesy of  @kelsilouproductions


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34 thoughts on “15% OFF BELLA ELLA BOUTIQUE Coupon Code

    1. Enjoy the coupon Code. Its is always fun when you can get great clothes at a discount.

    1. lol. You should check out their store online (the link is in the post) they really do have super cute clothes.

  1. The clothes are very nice! Thanks for the discount code! I’ll check their facebook and see if they have a store nearby.

    1. They have both local stores and an online store. The online store link is in the post as is the link for the locations. Their clothes are super cute too

    1. I love online coupons too. You should check out their site. They have a ton of cute clothes available.

  2. Its on SALE? need I say more? 2 words will surely make decision making easier; alimony and palimony!=)

    1. You should check out their store. They have a bunch of really cute clothes at affordable prices!

  3. Sounds like a great event. The ones you featured here are very pretty. I’m heading over their Facebook page to check.Thanks for the code.

  4. The clothing looks lovely and feminine. I’ll keep it in mind for the coming weeks.

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