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Fall is officially my FAVORITE Season of the year (followed closely by winter). 


The blistering heat of the summer is replaced by warm days and cool nights.  Which translates to more time spent outside with my children. (You can almost hear my children’s whoots of Joy echoing throughout the house)


I have already seen the early touches of Fall in the colors of the trees round about. Just a sprinkling of oranges, reds, and yellows amid all the vivid green.  I can’t wait until the Fall colors take over and the whole world is a mass of vivid Red, Yellow, Brown and orange color.

There are sooo many things that I love to do in the Fall (soo many that I often don’t get to everything I want to do) that I decided to write up a Fall Bucket List:


-Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Every  year we have fun visiting a pumpkin patch as a family and picking out 2 or 3 pumpkins to paint or carve for Halloween.


-Go Hiking Up a Canyon

Fall colors are beautiful, but especially so up the canyon. I love hiking through the nearby canyons in the fall. It feels as if I have slipped through the veil to Fairy land.


-Carve/ Paint Pumpkins

Usually we carve our pumpkins, but two years ago my oldest daughter (who was 3 at the time) declared that she didn’t want to kill the pumpkin by carving it and scooping out its insides. So I helped her paint hers. We painted it pink with a silver stem then poured sparkles all over it. She loved it sooo much she had me do the same thing to one of the mini pumpkins we had so she could give it to her aunt. My 1 year old wanted to paint his too. His turned out more like an Abstract expressionistic pumpkin. But hey, he was happy with it.


-Go on a Hayride

I love going on hayrides in the fall with my family. Even better when I can do so with a nice hot cup of Cocoa or Apple Cider.  Often local farms, and pumpkin patches offer this. So just ask around.


-Explore a Corn Maze

I love corn mazes. They are fun, and (if you find a good one)challenging. When my kids were really young and required a stroller, my husband and I would leave the kids with a babysitter and go alone for a date night.

This year I am thinking of taking my oldest with us (since she is now 5 and can walk long distances on her own).  I can’t wait till all my kids are old enough to go and enjoy the experience.


-Throw/Attend a Halloween Party

I LOVE Halloween parties. Last year My sister and I threw a Harry Potter party for our friends. It was sooo much fun.  I’ll have to write a post about it soon. This year I am thinking of throwing a Super Hero/Super Villain Party.  What do you think?


-Make Pumpkin Bread

I love baking in the fall. The weather is perfect for spending time in the kitchen. My father has this killer pumpkin bread recipe he learned when he lived in Minnesota  as a young adult. I am thinking of making it into pumpkin muffins this year. Hmmm…I can almost taste them now.


-Watch Favorite Halloween Movies

My husband and I are NOT a fan of horror movies, but we love watching Family Halloween movies in our house throughout the month of October. Favorites of our include The Witches, Practical Magic (1998), & Hocus Pocus.


-Go Through a Haunted House

This is another activity that my husband and I go on as a date WITHOUT KIDS. Haunted houses are no place for kids. Especially not kids with imaginations like mine. We don’t go every year, but when we do we have a lot of fun. My husband usually spends the night cracking jocks and saying the most ridiculous things to the people who jump out at us. I don’t know whether to laugh or scream most of the way through.


-Go Trick or Treating (with the kids of course)

I love getting the kids all dressed up (and throwing on something myself like my HP robes) and heading out as a family to go trick or treating. Our kids are just sooo filled with excitement that is it seriously contagious. We live in a area with tons of families with little kids and I love seeing what everyone is dressed up as.


-Jump Through a Huge Pile of Leaves

As a kid I loved raking up huge piles of leave with my older brothers and then jump into them, and kick the leaves in every direction. Growing older hasn’t changed this at all. I still love playing with leaves and crunching them whenever I get the chance. My kids love to do this too.


-Make Pumpkin Pie

I am a huge Pie fan. While I love to make and decorate cakes, pies are my favorite to eat. I have to make and eat at least a few pumpkin pies ever fall. My favorite way to eat it is hot with honey drizzled over it. Yummm…


-Go Star Gazing

I have spent many an hour laying on my back gazing at the stars. As a kid my siblings and I would have regular back yard campouts in the summer and Fall and each time a big portion of the night was spent looking up at the starts. In college my friends and I would go star gazing and we would take turns pointing out the different constellations and tell the various myths and legends we knew about each one. Now as a mother I am overjoyed that my kids love to star gaze too. My oldest has asked for a telescope for Christmas so she can see them better.


-Eat a Hot Slice of Freshly Made Bread

Homemade bread is amazing. Homemade bread fresh out of the oven with butter, honey, or jam is even better.  Since Fall is my favorite time of the year to bake I am sure I will have many occasions to indulge in this favorite activity.


-Go Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday Shopping isn’t for everyone, but I think it can be kind of fun.  I like getting things at great prices. The only rule is that I make sure that I treat others with courtesy and civility as I do so. No deal is soo good it is worth losing your humanity over.


The Ultimate Fall Bucket List


For those who want a FREE printable copy of my Fall bucket list you can get it HERE.

With that said, what is on your bucket list for this Fall?


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16 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fall Bucket List!

  1. This is a great list! Fall is the best and there’s so much to do and fun things you can enjoy with friends and family! I love your printable, it’s gorgeous! So cute to have hanging on your fridge, etc : ) thanks for sharing!
    xo Adriana – Daily Dose of Design

    1. Oh I am glad you like it. Yeah I like to have mine on my fridge as well. Its a great reminder of what I want to make sure I do with my family.

  2. Wow, this is such a fun list. I loved reading it. Lots and lots of fun 🙂 I must have to pick a few ideas to add to mine!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!

  3. All of these are such Fall activities! Making pumpkin pie is so much fun – I bake the most in the Fall…I think it’s because it gets so cold here and it’s a fun activity for indoors!!

    1. I know what you mean. I love to bake but it is just too hot during the Summer, so as soon as the cool Fall weather hits I start baking up a storm.

  4. One of my favorite fall lists! Thanks for writing this! So cute that your daughter didn’t want to kill the pumpkin! And that Harry Potter party sounds fun! I love hiking, stargazing, and visiting pumpkin patches in the fall! We now live on a beach and stargaze there- it doesn’t feel very fall like on a beach but I love listening to the ocean while we do it!

    1. My daughter has been begging for us to go visit a beach. When we do we will have to go Stargazing. Sounds wonderful (even if it doesnt really feel like Fall there) Glad you enjoyed the list.

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