My children are always begging to do art and crafts. And since they are young their favorite kind are Cut and Paste ones.


With Halloween being just over a month away I asked my Husband (who is a talented illustrator/Graphic Designer) to help me create a Craft that would also serve as part of our Halloween decorations. After talking about it for a bit, I asked my husband if he could design a Jack-o-lantern cut and paste paper activity that I could do with our kids. Of course he went above and beyond creating enough facial “carving” options  (eyes, noses, mouths, eyebrows and more) to fill 11 pages.


I was planning on doing their cut and paste Jack-O-Lantern activity once it was officially October, but my kids begged and I relented to do it right away. And my decision had nothing to do with the fact that I wanted to make one too (riiiight…)


This craft can be done with card stock or regular paper, but since I planned on hanging them as part of my Halloween decorations once finished, I settled for a compromise of both. The main pumpkins, for each of us, I had printed on Card stock. The Facial carvings I had printed on regular paper (which made them easier to cut out)


FREE Jack-O-Lantern Cut and Paste Activity Printable

After Cutting out the main pumpkins I started with the eyes and let the kids pick which ones they wanted. After I cut their choices out I moved to the noses, then mouths, finishing with the eyebrows (both of the kids opted out of any of the miscellaneous extras like a tear or cheeks) My daughter decided she wanted her Jack-O-Lantern to look like what she called a Girl skeleton Vampire. My son wanted his Jack-O-Lantern to have a classic triangle Face. I chose mine to look like it had a Dizzy Confused face.


FREE Jack-O-Lantern Cut and Paste Activity Printable


After everything had been cut out we chose where we wanted each part of the face and then pulled out the glue stick and glued them on.


FREE Jack-O-Lantern Cut and Paste Activity Printable
The glue dried very quickly and the results were fantastic. Both of my kids had to run upstairs to where my husband was working (he works from home) to show off their creations. Then I hung all three pumpkins on the wall between my kids bedrooms (next to the office) Every time they walk by their Halloween pumpkins they stop and admire their work. Even my 1 year old has stopped multiple times over the last day and a half to point to the pumpkins and squeal.


Though technically this is a little kid activity,  I think it could be fun for all ages. It is the perfect way to “carve” a Jack-o-lantern without having to deal with all the mess of scooping out the insides. And there are sooo many combinations that each persons Jack-O-Lantern will most likely be different.


FREE Jack-O-Lantern Cut and Paste Activity Printable


Click HERE for the FREE Cut and Paste Jack-O-Lantern Activity Printable (14 Page PDF File) Which you can print at home or at your local copy center.


FREE Jack-O-Lantern Cut and Paste Activity Printable
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    1. When you do I would love it if you post a picture and tag me so I see how your jack-o-Lanterns turn out!

  1. This would be a fun activity for the kids. And aside from the usual, you can add some glitter too after cutting the shapes and pasting.

    1. Geee, Thanks! I love having an illustrator for a husband who I can collaborate with to make fun things for my kids and others.

  2. I love this! thanks for letting me share it in my pumpkin roundup tomorrow 🙂

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