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I am a Huge Harry Potter Fan. I own all the Books, and movies and even did an 836 page project on the Harry Potter Series (only 4 books were out at the time) my Freshman year in College.


A couple years ago I helped throw a Halloween/birthday party for my brother-in-law. My husband and I decided to go as James & Lilly Potter. We found a website where we could get movie replica Harry Potter costumes for a great price. I crocheted us each scarves in the Gryffindor colors. Now all we needed were wands. After seeing the price to buy a wand I decided I was crafty enough I would figure out how to make my own.


Ollivander's Wand Shoppe: How to make perfect Harry Potter Wands

I looked online for a few hours seeing all the many tutorials available I decided that I wanted to go with a wood base vs. a paper one. (After all if they turned out well I wanted to be able to use it with my Gryffindor costume for years to come.)


The wands were so easy and fun to make, that I sort of went wand crazy and decided to make a whole bunch and give them out as party favors for the Halloween party. The wands were a hit that night. and the extras were quickly claimed by friends and family.


Ever since I have had numerous friends and family ask me to write up a tutorial for how to make Harry Potter wands. So here we go…

Awesome DIY tutorial for making your own Harry Potter Wizard Wand!



  • Wood Chopsticks  (I prefer the ones that are narrower on one end.)
  • Mini Hot Glue Gun
  • Mini Hot Glue Sticks
  • Various sized glass beads
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Foam Paint Brushes.
  • Clear Acrylic Sealant Spray



  • Take the Chopsticks (I bought mine in a 20 pack at a nearby Asian store) and start applying the hot glue on the ticker end. For some of mine I slowly turned the chopstick in my hand while applying the glue to create a spiral effect. For others, I ran the glue down the chopstick from the end to about 2/3 the way down on  each side. There really is no wrong way to do this. Be creative. I found that little glass beads make for great texture. I have also used medium sized plastic beasts for a jewel on the end of the wand. Again play around and have fun.


  • After you are done with the Hot Glue and the wands are cooled, it is time to paint. I like to start by painting the wand all in one color first. Then after that first color is dried, I like to go back with a second color that is either lighter or darker (and then carefully paint over the glued parts to give the wands a two-tone carved look.


  • After the paint is all dry, take them outside and spray two coats of Clear Acrylic spray over the wands. This gives the wands a polished look and serves to protect the wands so they last longer.


My friend asked me to make kids some only her daughters wanted fairy wands instead wizard wands. So I used pink and white for the girls with plastic gems on the ends. The boys liked the gems on the end so I made their with gems too.  For these wands I made the wands look how I wanted them with the hot glue, then put a large dollop of hot glue on the end which I pushed the gem into then added a little more glue around the lower edge to make sure the gem was secure.

Fairy/Wizard Wand DIY

Then my husband asked if I could make a wizard staff for him by using the same steps  I used to make the wands only using a large wood dowel instead. I took his challenge and made these epic wizards staffs/canes by using the largest wood dowel they had a Walmart and a full sized hot glue gun/hot Glue sticks. For the gem at the end I used a plastic light up gem that you find in the floral section at Walmart (the kind they put in vases under water. I turned the plastic light up balls.  They turned out wicked legit if I do say so myself.

Wizard Staff DIY

What do you like the best? The Harry Potter Wizard Wand, The Jeweled Fairy/Wizard Wands or the Full sized Wizard Staff/Adult Cane? 

Ollivander's Wand Shoppe: How to Make Perfect Harry Potter Wands!


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46 thoughts on “Ollivander’s Wand Shoppe: How to Make Perfect Harry Potter Wands!

  1. I love this! I was at the “Real” Olivanders at Universal and they charged an arm and a leg for the wands there.

    1. I know. That’s why I learned how to make my own. I even made my own replicas of The Elder wand, Harry’s wand and Hermione’s wand.

  2. Those are really beautiful. This may be a fun project to do with my daughter. She doesn’t watch Harry Potter but she loves wands.

    1. My daughter and her friends loved the fair wands I made in the pink and white with the jewel on the end.

  3. This is seriously the best! My husband and I are huge Harry Potter fans. A couple years ago we made butter beer and had a HP marathon. One of my favorite memories pre kids. I am definitely going to need to make us some wands!

    1. Have fun making the wands!

      Last year my sister and I put on a whole Harry Potter Halloween Party. It was super fun. I’ll have to post about it with links to all the cool things we found to use (like a printable maurderers map (to cut and fold) Chocolate Frogs (with wizard cards) Hanging candles, Owl post etc.

        1. My sister and I threw a Harry Potter Halloween Party last year. We had soo much fun. I’ll have to post about it soon.

  4. This just made my night!! I am a huge Harry Potter fan and now I just learned how to make my own wands!!! I know what my next project will be!!

  5. Who said you need to go to Universal Studios to get yourself a wand from Ollivander? Hehe. This is awesome! You’re very creative!

    1. They were fun to make. I have made them a few more times since that first time. Once I was even ambitious enought o try to replicate a few of the wands from the movie (Dumbledore’s wand, harry’s wand, and Hermione’s wand) It was a fun challenge.

  6. Those are really cute. I want this for my niece and to her friends for her birthday party

    1. Oh that would be soo fun. Are you thinking of making the wizard style or fair style for your niece’s birthday?

  7. Wow, a very interesting activity – to make these wands – and then then fun of casting spells, especially over Halloween! Not much of a crafty person me, but even I could do this. 🙂

  8. This struck my interest because I am a die hard Harry Potter fan. This is a project that I would like to do with my children. Thanks for sharing

    1. we had a friend give us one as well from Universal, but we still love the ones we made together. It could be a fun activity that you could do together.

    1. I’ll have to write up a post about the Harry Potter Theme party I threw last year. We had Marauder’s maps, chocolate frogs and wizards cards, Owl post, acceptance letters (with hogwarts tickets) and more. I am sure she would love that as well.

  9. I’d love to re-create them, I think kids will be excited. Thank you for detailed instructions, love when there are lots of pictures so I always can compare and follow.

    1. Have fun making them. We have done them a couple times. Once I found movie pictures of the Elder Wand (Dumbledore’s wand), Hermione’s wand, and of course Harry’s wand. That was super fun.

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