Looking for a fun Halloween treat to make for your upcoming party or as a treat for your family? Try these easy yet fun Mint Chocolate Graveyard Dessert Cups! 


At Halloween time I like to surprise my family with random Halloween treats. Today I decided I wanted to make Mint Chocolate Graveyard cups. They were easy to make and the the whole family absolutely loved them. I might just have to make them one more time before Halloween they were just that good.

I chose Mint Oreos and Mint Milanos so that the subtle mint flavor would balance the Chocolate of the pudding without being overpowering. If you dont like mint, then you can just use regular Oreo’s and Milano cookies.



1 Package of Mint Oreos

1 Package of Mint Milano Cookies

1 Large box of Instant Chocolate Pudding

3 Cups of milk (per the pudding box instructions. This amount may vary depending on the brand of pudding you use)

1 small tube of Black Gel frosting

Clear dessert cups (I got mine at the local dollar store)



  • First mix up the Chocolate pudding and milk (according to the instructions on the box).
  • Then divide the pudding into 5 clear plastic party cups.
  • In a blender  pulse the Oreo cookies about 5 at a time till they are broken into small cookie chunks with some of the green frosting visible.
  • Pour over the pudding filling the rest of the cup.
  • Take Mint Milano Cookies and with the black gel frosting carefully write RIP on the top.
  • Stick the cookie half way into the cookie/pudding to make a tombstone.
  • Serve and Enjoy!   (Makes 5-6 cups depending on size of cups and how full you fill them)


Like I said these are super simple to make, but they are supper cute and totally yummy. 


Mint Chocolate Graveyard Dessert Cups


Which do you prefer a little bit of mint or all chocolate?

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51 thoughts on “Mint Chocolate Graveyard Dessert Cups

  1. Oh how I would love to indulge in that yummy chocolate! However, since I am diabetic, I could only afford one teaspoon of it. Thank you for the recipe. I will share it with my sister. Her kids would love this!

    1. Sorry to hear you cant indulge in the minty Chocolate goodness, but thanks for being willing to share.

    1. I am sure they will. Mine LOVED them. Then again I am sure they would love anything chocolate. 😉

    1. They are super easy to make and kids (and adults) LOVE them. Mine keep begging me to make more.

  2. You have fantastic cookery skills I love how you have crafted goodies that wouldn’t look out of place on the Great British Bakeoff. Especially since they are made from Oreos!

  3. What a cute idea. Looks scary i love these for Halloween. Thank you for sharing the instruction

  4. This looks really good. One of my favorite flavors would be chocolate and mint. I would enjoy this so much!

        1. Well it is never too late to start working on your cooking skills. I have been cooking since I was 5 but learn new things all the time. Really these treats are super simple to make. I think you would really enjoy it. Let me know if you do!

          1. I totally understand. For me baking is often more like a science (you have to have the right measurements, baking temperatures, time, ingredients for success. Cooking for me is more like an art. At pinch of this and a splash of that.

          2. Candy making is even more temperamental, which is why I don’t make them often, but I can’t resist during the holidays. I plan to share some of my favorite candy recipes (like melt in your mouth caramels)

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