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Studies have shown that 10% of children suffer from Child Eczema and 1 in 8 people in the USA.


Eczema is a itchy red rash that can appear all over the body. For many people eczema appears behind the knees, and elbows and on the back of their hands, necks, wrists and ankles. Babies often suffer from eczema on their faces (especially their cheeks and chins) though they can also get it across their scalps, chests, and backs.


Eczema rashes are incredibly itchy that if you give in and scratch will lead to more pain, irritation and even bleeding. While there is no official cure for eczema there are ways to manage it. And thankfully many people who have eczema as a child grow out of it.

Growing up my younger brother and sister had horrible eczema. Their eczema was especially bad in the colder months. the backs of their hands, wrists, behind their knees and elbows were almost always a bloody mess.


How to Properly Treat Eczema and reclaim your life.

My mother tried everything she could to help my siblings. From official doctors prescriptions to various lotions, oils, wrapping their arms, wrists, hands and legs in cloth bandages. You name it she tried it. Some of her efforts worked better than others.


As for me while my skin has always been more sensitive, I didn’t really struggle with eczema until adulthood. Now every time it turns cold eczema shows up on the back of my hands. They turn dry, red, ich like crazy and then start bleeding. uggg.


I had hoped that my children would inherit my sensitive skin but unfortunately they did. When my first born was only a few months old, I accidently put her in a new outfit without washing it first. she reacted horribly with a bloody rash all over her little body. all three of my children suffered from eczema on their heads, faces, necks and chests as babies.


For those of you who suffer from Eczema or have children that do here is a list of 6 was to properly treat Eczema, and reclaim your life:


1. Understand what is causing or triggering your eczema.

There are a lot of different triggers for eczema from irritants (like detergents), to allergens (like dust, dandruff, pets) , microbes, Tempitures (like cold weather), food , stress, or hormones. Click Here to learn more about potential triggers for eczema.

When you know what is causing your eczema to flare up, it is often possible to deal with the trigger itself (like replacing what detergent you use or avoiding certain foods) thus eliminating your eczema flair ups.


2. Wash daily in lukewarm (NOT hot) water using a mild soap or non-soap cleanser

It is soo important to make sure you keep your skin clean when dealing with eczema. This is especially true your eczema is triggered by a outward substances (like irritants and allergens).

When you bathe you don’t want to use hot water or harsh soaps for that will further irritate your skin. The key is to get as clean as possible while not further adding to the eczema irritation.


3. After washing gently pat dray your skin.

Whether you are washing your hands or taking your daily bath, make sure you don’t rub your skin dry. This also can add to the redness and inflammation and over all irritation to your skin. Rather gently pat your skin dry.


How to Properly Treat Eczema and Reclaim Your Life


4. Invest in quality moisturizers and Eczema products (and use every day).

Many medical site recommend you use moisturizers and other various products constantly to help your eczema , however speaking from personal experience, most don’t work. Or if they do they cause other problems. When deciding on what to use on your skin you want to stay away from products that have Lanolin, Itxocortol-21 Pivalate, Formaldehyde Releasing Preservatives, Cocamindopropyl, and Myroxylon Pereriea. (Learn why Here)

The best product I have found proven to work with all kinds of eczema with no nasty side effects is the TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema kit. This 3 step kit (which includes TrueLipids Relieve & Protect Ointment,  TrueLipids TrueTherapy Ceramide+ Cream, & TrueLipids Eczema Experts Anti-Itch 1% Hydrocortisone Barrier Cream) brings quick relief to your eczema rash and then helps to then calm and maintain the itching, inflammation and redness that is most associated with eczema.

TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema Kit - Eczema Awareness Month
One of the things I most love about TruLipids products is that they are all free of many of the harmful toxins and allergens found in most lotions, creams, and over the counter skin care products. Which means it is safe for people like me and my family who have sensitive skin.


5. Use a humidifier in dry and cold weather.

Using a humidifier like the TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier Cool Mist (which is on majorly on sale on Amazon right now) when the weather is dry or cold will help your skin to not dry out. This is big! For your skin to be healthy it need to have moisture (which is why you want to use your moisturizer ever day) When your skin gets dried out the eczema gets even more inflamed and leads to bleeding.


6. Keep your fingernails short (and try to avoid scratching)

Yes it is important to not scratch (which is way easier said than done when you itch like crazy. To help make sure your nails are trimmed short to minimize the damage if you do accidentally scratch yourself.


If you suffer from eczema, then just know there is hope. You don’t have to suffer! Follow these 6 simple tips and you can manage your eczema and reclaim your life. 


6 Steps to properly treat Eczema

Above is the picture of my friend Rachel’s daughter Sadie who suffered from a major case of eczema as a newborn. Rachel and her husband tried many things (at the direction of their doctor) before discovering TruLipids products and was able to finally heal their daughter . You can read Sadie’s Story here.


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How to Properly Treat Eczema and Reclaim Your Life


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23 thoughts on “How to Properly Treat Eczema and Reclaim Your Life

  1. This is extremely helpful information for people who are suffering from eczema. Thank you for the information.

    1. Eczema is a serious problen for a large percentage of the worlds population. Sadly too many dont know how to properly take care of it or to manage it at all.

  2. Eczema is such a common issue! My girls used to have it too. It wasn’t until a visit to the dermatologist that helped stop the occurence.

  3. My twins, one especially, suffered from eczema when he was a baby. I couldn’t put him in any clothing but 100% cotton. I also found that Eucerin or just Vaseline was helpful. I used all unscented products too. Luckily, they’ve both outgrown it. These are great tips.

  4. My auntie and her family was suffering from eczema I will send this to her. thank you for this impormation

  5. These are great tips. My son suffers from eczema and we learned from the dermatologist that it will also help if you take a quick shower instead of a lengthy one. Water tends to take out moisture from the skin and leaves it dry.

  6. When I experience eczema it’s pretty mild, and even then it’s super annoying so I can’t even imagine what it’s like when severe. These are very helpful tips. Pinning!

  7. I have very mild eczema that’s brought on by food allergies (milk to be exact) and it likes to attach my eyelids! This is really helpful, thanks so much!

  8. Great tips. My daughter had bad eczema. We made a few changes to her diet and saw a big change in her flare ups. We also had her take a tablespoon of coconut oil daily.

  9. What a great post – I suffer from eczema and I had not heard of this product. I will be checking this out. It looks wonderful and I appreciate the information

  10. My Mom suffered from eczema and my youngest sister has it, as well. I have an incredibly itchy rash going on the lower half of one leg, but it doesn’t look like eczema. Not sure what’s going on, but would like to find a product to heal it up.

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