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I am writing about the Common Fears of Homeschool parent’s experience and how to overcome them. The truth is, that no matter what our reasons are for homeschooling, we are still often prey to many common fears. There are 3 very important things that you need to know about these fears:


  1. They are common. (that’s right you aren’t alone in what you are experiencing)
  2. They can be overcome.
  3. If these fears, are not overcome they have the power to destroy our homeschool experience. Even worse these fears have the power to ruin the homeschool experiences of our children.

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Every homeschool parent has their reason(s) behind why they chose to homeschool their children.

Our reasons may vary, but the underlying reason we all agree on is that we just want the best for our children, those little souls that God has placed in our care. We LOVE them and want them to have the best education to prepare them for the life ahead of them.
However, just because we have noble reasons behind our choice to homeschool, that doesn’t mean we are immune to the fears associated with making such a momentous decision.
If we don’t face these fears head on and then kick them to the curb where they belong, they can all too quickly overcome us and poison our homeschool experience.

Here are 4 common fears that homeschool parents face and how you can overcome them! 


1. What if a neighbor calls Social Services on me because I homeschool?

This is a real fear, because it has happened too often in the last few decades. As much as homeschooling is becoming more accepted, there is still a lot of prejudice out there.


If this is one of your fears, here are some things you can do:


  • Make sure you know and are abiding by the homeschool laws and requirements in your state.
  • Establish a home culture with basic routines (keeping main living areas clean/tidy, bed times, wake up times, meal times, school times…)
  • Record keeping can be done in many ways and has a lot of benefits. Being able to prove what you have been learning to state officials is just one.
  • Join a homeschool association like the HSLDA who provide legal support and counsel in such situations.


2. What if I don’t know enough or am not qualified enough to teach my kids?

This fear is one that is often pushed at us by others who are skeptical about the validity of Homeschooling. The truth is you don’t need a teaching degree to be qualified to teach your own kids. As long as you know more than your children, then by definition, you are qualified to teach them.


Here are a few ideas for those who really struggle with this fear:


  • Create a Homeschool Co-op where the parents take turn teaching. This way you can stick with your strengths or at least have longer between teaching days to brush up on subjects that you may be weak on.
  • Learn with your children. Never be afraid to admit you don’t know something. Instead, make it a game of I don’t know…lets go find out. With the internet, we can access information on almost anything.
  • Have your children teach you. If your child has an aptitude in something that you do not, encourage them to study it and come back to teach you and their siblings (we learn a lot when we teach something.)
  • Take advantage of local learning opportunities (homeschool groups, private classes, museums, colleges, libraries, etc.)
  • Find a curriculum that is a good fit for you and your children. There are a TON of great curriculums out there, it is just a matter of finding the right one for your family. (Check out my post on How to choose the perfect homeschool curriculum for your family.)

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