One of my Favorite Fall Traditions to do with my family is Thankful Leaves. 



I adore November, and not just because it is my birthday month. November is the month of Thanksgiving. I think it is very important for the future happiness of my children that I help them understand that no matter how many twists and turns their lives may take, no matter what hardships they my face, that they will always have much to be grateful for.



One of my favorite activities every year to help reinforce how blessed we really are (even when times are hard like right now with my family.) is making Fall Thankful Leaves.  Last year I had my husband (who is a very talented artist) draw out a tree on some scrap butcher paper that we hung on our wall in our front room and we cut out leaves from construction paper.


This year I asked my husband to design some leaves that I could print out so that they had more detail and color. What I ended up with were these amazing Watercolor Thankful leaves in Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green that I have made into a printable which you can download for free.

Watercolor Thankful Leaves Free Printable


My children helped me gather long twigs on a walk to the park that I have put in a vase in my room waiting for tomorrow night when as a family we will sit down and fill the leaves with the different things we are grateful for. (I have sooo much to put on these leaves). Then I am going to use string to hang these leaves from the branches to use as the centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table. I’ll make sure to take a picture tomorrow night of the finished product for you all to see on my Instagram Account or Facebook page,


If you don’t want to draw a tree on butcher paper or gather twigs to hang the leaves from, I think these vividly colored leaves would look awesome hanging from strings against a blank wall. making a thankful wall backdrop as your daily reminder of all you are grateful for. I am not going to lie, this is the one Thanksgiving decoration that I usually leave up past Christmas.


Water Color Fall Thankful Leaves Free Printable

To download your own copy of this 4 page Fall Thankful Leaves Printable set CLICK HERE.


What is your favorite way to do Thankful Leaves?


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  1. Thanks! I came very handy for my son and nephew. It is a great idea to teach kids and even adults to be thankful for what we have. I like your blog name by the way.

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