Who wants to do a Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt this year?

Thanksgiving is only a week away With that comes the question: What games or activities will I have for my kids to keep them busy and entertained on Thanksgiving Day? I am planing on creating a few fun Thanksgiving activity sheets later this week for the big day, but the ace I am holding up my sleeve is holding a Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt! 


The turkey hunt is as simple as hiding the numbered turkey cards all around your house, yard or wherever you plan to have the hunt.  Then giving each child or team a color turkey board with the instruction to find all 12 turkeys that match their color (leaving the rest alone) The first child or team to find all 12 of their colored turkeys wins!


If you want to simplify this (or just don’t want to hide so many turkeys) you can simplify by only hiding 12 turkeys and sending all the kids out together to find them, 


What I love about having multiple sets is that you can hide the turkeys for the older kids harder and for the younger kids you can be more obvious to keep thing better matched. All in all I can totally seek my kids wanting to do the turkey hunt multiple times. Don’t tell my husband, but I plan on sending the guys out to do this while I finish up with cooking. 


I can see this becoming a family Thanksgiving tradition. That’s why I plan to print these out on card stock and then laminating them. 


Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt Free Printable

To download the 13 Page (6 sets of colored Turkey cards/board + game play instructions) Free Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt Printable set Click HERE


What activities are you planning for your kids for Thanksgiving Day this year?

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