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Today is Day 3 in the HFTH Blog Hop (Read more about it Here) and the theme is Recipes and Crafts!! Make sure to link up with us every day and use the hashtag #HFTHbloghop to share photos and posts on social media.


Today’s Theme is Traditions and Activities! If there is one thing my Decembers are filled with it is Traditions and Activities.  I will be linking up my posts: Family Christmas Traditions: Service Elves/Angels with FREE Activity Printables and 7 Steps for Making a Gingerbread House From Scratch: Without Getting Stressed or Overwhelmed.


However in going with today’s Theme I thought I would talk about Christmas Bucket Lists. I love making and using bucket lists. When I have a visual list of all the activities I want to do (which I can cross off as I do them) I find I do more of the desired activities. This is especially true on busy months like December.


Here are a few highlights from my bucket list:


Set up Christmas Decorations:

This year I wasn’t up to setting up lights outside, but the inside of my house has been transformed into a magical Christmas wonderland.


Christmas Caroling:

This year I was invited by fellow blogger Ludavia Harvey of niftybetty.com to join with her and a few other bloggers to go Christmas Caroling Social Media Style. Every Saturday at 2pm PST we will be posting online with #Caroling a video singing one of our favorite Christmas songs. Learn more Here.


Making  Gingerbread Houses:

7 Steps For Making a Gingerbread House Without Getting Stressed or Overwhelmed.

Ever year my family looks forward to making gingerbread houses (from scratch) Click here for 7 Steps for Making a Gingerbread House From Scratch: Without Getting Stressed or Overwhelmed.


Going to see the lights:

Every year my family looks forward to our Family Night out to see the lights.  We bundle up and get in the car with cups of Hot Cocoa and drive around to see the lights. (We also love to go downtown to see the professional lights.)


Christmas Baking:  

Christmas baking is a serious affair in my home. We make caramels, fudge, sandwich mints, toffee, cookies, sweet breads and more (Don’t worry I will make sure to post some of my favorite recipes soon) We then make up dozens of goodie plates as our Christmas gift to all out neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family. To keep organized with your Christmas baking check out my free printable Holiday Goodies Organization Printables.


Fun in the Snow:

Now playing in the snow is dependant on the weather, but I am sure we will have at least 1 good snow day. After all I live in Utah. I have promised my kids that the first good day of snow I will play hooky and take them sledding, have snowball fights, make a snowman and snow angels (followed by hot cups of hot coco made in our Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker


Do the Service Angel activity with my family:

Family Christmas Tradition: Service Elves/Angels with FREE Activity Printables

This is an activity I did with my family growing up to focus our mind on serving each other and preparing our home for Christ. Learn more and get Free Printables HERE


Read tons of Christmas Stories:

I am a nut for Christmas Stories. I collect a new Christmas Book every year to add to my collection. This year’s book is The Gift Giver. Stay tuned for the review that I will be posting later this week.



Christmas Bucket List

Click here to download my Full Bucket list to use if you don’t have one yet yourself.  (I Don’t Mind Sharing)

What are you most looking forward to doing this Christmas Season? If you have any Traditions or fun Holiday Activity posts, make sure you link them up below!


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Christmas Bucket List with Free Printable


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