If you have very little time to tidy your space and make it look neat, here are some ideas how to do this. The 10-minute organizing makeovers presented here are easy to do and don’t require special skills. They will help you keep your home neat and clean so, you don’t have to spend much time in cleaning and tidying your rooms. Use the tips here to make your rooms organized and functional. 


Here is a useful trick to fold and put away your T-shirts so that they take less space and are handy whenever you need them. First, fold the T-shirt in half and then fold the sleeves. After that, fold the whole T-shirt in thirds and put it in the drawer in a vertical direction. Use this way of folding for all of your T-shirts. They will take less space, be well organized and clearly visible whenever you need them. After you learn this way of folding, it will take you no more than 10 minutes to tidy all of your T-shirts in your drawer. Organise them by colours for easier orientation.


Organize your whole closet by colour. This will help you match your clothes faster whenever you decide what to wear. You will also know what colours you wear most which is useful when you go shopping  and want them to match the new clothes with the old ones.


The best way to keep your kitchen organized and more tidy is by using all areas of the cabinets in it. You can store many of your kitchen and cooking utensils by hanging them inside the kitchen cabinets on hooks. They will need less space and be handy whenever you decide to use them. Mount them using devices for hanging that are sold in thrift stores or just nail some tacks. This will help you save more space in your kitchen making it more functional.


To free space in your closet and combine whole outfits attach one hanger to the another. Use metal rings and hang them on the top metal part of your hangers. This will allow you to attach hanger one to the another and save space. The whole work takes no more than 10 minutes.


Tension rods are very practical for creating a well organised and tidy kitchen and closet space. They allow you to use the most of your space in an effective way. Mount tension rods in a cupboard for storing your cutting boards, baking sheets and other items. Use them also for hanging your spray cleaning products in the cabinets under the sink, for organizing your scarves, separating drawers and other purposes. This 10-minute makeover will keep your rooms organized.

Curtain hooks are another items which can be used mounted to hang all kinds of items: purses, belt, jewellery, hats, scarves and many other things. The whole process of mounting and hanging items on them is easy and will take up to 10 minutes for non-professionals. Use mason jars to store different items: pens, pencils, office supplies, food products in the kitchen, etc.


The sink is the dirtiest part of the kitchen and needs regular cleaning and you could use LondonHome Cleaning Ltd. for that purpose. Throw away the plastic utensils in your kitchen drawers to free some space. Check your pantry for expired goods and throw them away. Use decorated baskets to store different items in your rooms.


These smart 10-minute organizing makeovers are perfect for keeping your home neat. Using them you will have less items on your shelves  and they will need less time for cleaning. By keeping your possessions organized, your rooms won’t be messy and will look better. Before applying them, provide suitable cleaning of your house or flat. This will help you see your interior as it is and give you many ideas what can you change in it to make it look better.


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  1. I absolutely love the idea of organizing my closet according to color. Realistically, I know it would never stay that way. I definitely will be employing some of these tips though.

    1. For me I have discovered the stying organized is an ongoing process. Ever so often I have to restart, but that is ok. Glad you found the suggestions helpful!

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