My kids are crazy about crafts. They are especially crazy about cut and paste crafts.


In October, I had my husband create this fun cut and past Jack-o-lantern activity which my kids adores. They were so proud to have them hung on our upstairs hallway wall between their bedrooms. They were very upset to say the least when I took their prized jack-o-lanterns down to put up Christmas decorations.  I tried to explain that they were Halloween decorations and now it was time for Christmas decorations. At this point my oldest asked if I could create a Christmas Tree craft that they could hang up instead.


As I was planning on already doing so, I quickly agreed. It took me a few days to get around to designing the craft, but I was really happy with the result. There is more cutting out with the Cut and Paste Christmas Tree craft due to all the ornaments, but it was not that bad and my kids adored decorating their Christmas trees. I made one modification since I did the craft with my kids. They had a hard time deciding how to paste all the presents beneath their trees and ended up just pasting them all on top of each other. They didn’t mind, but I realized that I needed to fix it for all of you. The problem was fixed by adding a tree skirt to the bottom of the tree. So simple! I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before.


Anyways, in the printable activity set I have 2 trees. One tree has lights (I wasn’t about to have you cut out lights. That would be a little too much.) The second trees has no lights (for those who like a simpler look). Then There are 2 pages with various ornaments. Honestly, the ornaments are enough for two trees so if you have more than one kid you don’t have to print out as many pages but still have variety of ornaments  for them to pick out what they want. Then the last page has the star for the top of the tree and the presents. for beneath the tree.


Free Cut And Paste Christmas Tree Activity Printable

Click Here to download your free Christmas Tree Activity.


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