Have you chosen your Theme Word for 2016 yet? 


If you could choose one word as your theme for 2016 what would it be? Would it embody something you wish to develop like Charity, humility, patience, Gratitude, or Graciousness? Or would you choose a word that embodies what you wish to achieve like abundance, success, or victory? 


Last new years I watched a friend after friend declared on social media what their theme word for 2015 would be and I was intrigued. I have always understood that words and thoughts have great power in our life.



I loved the idea of having my own theme or mantra to shape my coming year. I shared the concept with my husband and we decided we wanted to have a theme word together. The word we settled on was Endless. We chose that word to remind us of the Endless Possibilities, Miracles, Abundance, Forgiveness, Experiences, Hope, Opportunities, Courage and more that are possible through the Grace of God in our life.


I am not going to lie. 2015 was an incredibly hard year for my family. We had many trials. Yet through it all I held close my Theme word “Endless” close and recited in over and over in my mind the scripture



and I knew that we would make it though and that God would bless us along the way because he Loves us and does indeed care. And do you know what?? We did make it through, and we were blessed.


What is Your Theme Word for 2016?

As I have thought of this coming year and all that it has the potential to being the Theme word I have chosen is JOY! I am going to choose to find joy in my journey and not just wait till I reach my destination. I will choose Joy for my life in all that I do and experience. I will choose to find ways to bring Joy to others around me. Joy for me is far more than just Happiness, it is also Light, and Life, and Love. Joy is being close to God. I love the quote By Mother Teresa that says:



I have decided that I am going to print out this Printable for my Theme Word and Put it on my Wall in my bedroom to remind me to Have Joy Every Day in My journey of 2016.


What will Your Theme Word be for 2016 (Mine is Joy)


Click HERE to Download your own Free Copy!

I would love to know what your Theme word is. Please share in the comments below. Who knows you might inspire someone else as my friends have inspired me. 


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8 thoughts on “What is your Theme word for 2016?

  1. Love it! This year I chose Moment, specifically living in the moment with my kids each day.

    1. Oh I love that. I think we all could improve upon living in the moment and bring present. Especially with our children and spouses.

    1. Slow can be a great theme too. Soo often we are in such a rush we miss the things most important. I’ll check out your post for sure.

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