I hope you all enjoy his guest post by my creative and oh so talented friend Brynn. When I saw her post about the adorable DIY Under-Stairs House she just finished for her kids, I asked if she would write this post in case any of you (like me) want to do this in your home too!


I’d love to take credit for this idea but I can’t. Got the idea on my beloved Pintrest. But I think we executed it quite nicely!


To begin my talented husband and father in law bought two 8’ 1x4s at our trusty Home Depot. You can see in these photos how they constructed it. Pretty simple. Home Depot didn’t have any shingles so they bought some very thin wood and cut it to look like shingles. My husband entertained the idea of skipping the shingles but I’m super glad I insisted on them! In makes the house!


DIY Under-Stairs House for Kids!


Then we added a 1×2 rounded piece of molding to make an edge to the house. We actually attached it to the wall using wood glue and one small nail to hold it in place at the bottom. So much cuter than just using paint. It gives it a more polished look.


Then the finishing touches! I used some paint I had left over from my Kitchen. It is Behr Purpose or Porpoise… one of those lol.


DIY Under-Stairs House for Kids!


I’ve had this light/lantern I found at a DI for ages. It used to be part of my living room decor when we were sporting the apartment life. I loved it so much  I have kept it around for a time such as this. Some day I might even run electricity to it. How cute would that be!


The window mirror also came from the DI. My mom has a superpower I call DI finding power! I showed her this idea on Pinterest  but  told her I wanted do a faux window rather then cut into the wall (which most people who have done this do). Literally that day we were at DI for something totally unrelated and she brings this up to me and says “ask and you shall receive!” LOL. She even found two! So eventually, I will put the other one up on the inside so it looks like your looking through. Of corse once home I pulled it apart and painted the walnut color white and added some clear silicone to make the mirror extra secure, (much better than the scotch tape that was holding it together). Then we screwed it to the wall using drywall screw anchors. We also had to cut the light plate with a regular power saw in order to get it to fit, but that was easy and wall plates are cheap to replace.


DIY Under-Stairs House for Kids!


We got the numbers at ACE. They are the hammed iron ones. They were only a few dollars a piece. I was tempted to do a 4, for Number 4 Privet Dr from Harry Potter. 😛 Being it is a room under the stairs it seemed appropriate lol. But it looks cuter with more numbers.


Eventually, we plan to put a Dutch door on so the girls can play “shop”. But this works for now.


All and all I am so happy with the results. And I love that it is completely non-destructive to our home for resale purposes.


DIY Under-Stairs House for Kids!


Next step is to get the inside as cute as the out.  My girls have requested a chandler, and chalkboard. Right now I put their toy kitchen, vanity, baby crib and toy chest in there. I’m open to any cute ideas to make the inside as cute as the out!


You can follow more of my DIY projects on Instagram @finger_made

I’m always working on something! I’d love to hear your feed back as well as any cute ideas you have for the inside.

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13 thoughts on “DIY Under-Stairs House for Kids!

  1. This is great! Friends of ours have a play space under their stairs which is a hit with everyone, but theirs isn’t near as cute as yours. Can’t wait to see pics of the inside.

    1. I love these under the star houses for kids. I can’t wait to see the inside as well!

  2. We are actually in the process of our very own under the stairs playhouse for our little girl!!! This is SOOO adorable!! the porch light is just the cutest little touch!

    1. Ohh I would love to see a picture once your under the stairs house is done! I agree Bryyns house is super cute with that light.

    1. I would love to see pictures of your understairs play area. Always looking for inspiration

    1. I totally agree. I have been wanting to do this myself for a long time, but thought it would be a lot more work…

  3. Adorable!! I love these types of playrooms and I so wish we could make one, but under our stairs just isn’t that accessible

    1. I totally understand. I have considered doing this to one of my kids closets before and turning the closet into a play house (and having a armoire next to the closet for their clothes.)

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