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Yey Another Redbox Free Rental Code!! I love Free rental codes!


In my house, we love getting FREE movies (I rarely if ever pay for them.) Because of this, I am always on the lookout for FREE rental codes from Redbox to enjoy myself and share with you. That is why I was sooo excited to see that Redbox has released a new code for a free one-day movie rental (Today only).


I immediately hopped over to Redbox.com where I was able to snag 5 free rentals for FREE! Whoo hoo!! (The code will work up to 5 times with a card that has been used at Redbox before! For cards never used at Redbox before it will work up to 3 times)  Again you have to either use the code online or through the Redbox app for it to work and if you want to use it for multiple rentals than you have to use it in separate transactions (1 movie per transaction)


Ok, so here is the part you want to know. TODAY ONLY you can snag a FREE one-day DVD rental at your local Redbox with the code: 79rgff82 

*If you want to apply this to a Blu-Ray or a Game rental it will take $1.50 off the price of your rental.

**This code expires on 1/21/16.

*** This Redbox code will not work at the Kiosk. It will only work online or on the app!  


For those who are in the mood for a movie but don’t want to have to leave your home you I totally recommend using VidAngel a totally amazing Video Streaming service.

They have new releases and older favorites for only $1 a movie ($2 for HD) and best of all they offer tons of filters so you can watch what you want without all unnecessary gunk.They have many movies that are unavailable to stream anywhere else [legally] So if Redbox doesn’t have what you want or you just don’t want to brave the cold you can Check out VidAngel right HERE!

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