Having your children help you with the household and cleaning work is a smart idea as it has benefits for them and your home.


Involving your children in the domestic work will make them more responsible, boost their self-esteem and help you keep your home in good condition. The best way to succeed to convincing your children to take part in the cleaning and housekeeping tasks is by turning these into games. If you do it cleaning and tidying up will become fun and pleasant activities for your kids. Here are some ideas how to do this.


  • Use a pair of white old or mismatched socks instead of throwing them away for dusting. Put them on your kids’ hands and tell them wipe the dust. You can turn this activity into a game by making a competition between your children. It is suitable to be used on younger kids. Hide gifts, stickers and small awards under knickknacks for the kids to find while dusting the furniture.


  • When the laundry is ready you can encourage your kids to match as many socks as they can for five minutes. Write down the results after counting the pairs after the time ends. The child with the most numerous pairs of matched socks wins. You can motivate them better by giving prices to the winner.


  • By making a competition between your children, you can have them help you with the unloading of plates and cutlery from the dishwasher and putting them on their places. After the washed dishes become dry and cool enough, your toddler can sort the spoons and forks. If you have 10 years and older children they can compete who will succeed to pile the washed plates the highest possible. Set a price for the winner for better motivation and warn them to be careful not to break anything. When the work is completed you can put the cutlery away.


  • You can make a recycling run race for your kids to compete who will take the rubbish bags the quickest possible way. Give bags to all of your siblings and set rules not to drop anything. Younger kids can take part in this competition by sorting out recyclable plastic and paper items.


  • You can make your children tidy their rooms by organising the items by type, colour and other categories. Whoever does the task the fastest possible way will be the winner and the results will be tidier rooms.


  • Create a rewarding system for you kids with stickers. The kids get stickers every time they complete a chore. The child with the most number of stickers is the winner for the week and gets the price for the week. You can announce the price in the beginning of the week.


  • You can set a timer on 5 minutes and make your kids compete on the clutter collecting game. Make them pick as many items as possible during this time and put them on their places. After 5 minutes see the results by assigning a different room for each kid. The winner is the kid who makes his room the tidiest.


  • Another fun game for removing clutter is by assigning any of your kids to be the Inspector D. Clutter. He picks scattered items and stray belongings from the house and puts them in a basket which makes them “jailed”. To get the collected item the owner must do a chore. Include mum and dad in this game for more fun. Buy a badge and an appropriate suit from the store for your kids to make the inspector look authentic.

How to turn the chores into a fun and pleasant Game


By involving your children in the cleaning and household chores they will have the opportunity to show their skills to the other members of your family. Instead of money, small prices and the appraisal of siblings will motivate your  kids better than anything else.


The article is contributed by Kathleen Crane. She runs a company called End of Tenancy Cleaning Hammersmith.


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4 thoughts on “How to turn the chores into a fun and pleasant game

  1. This post took my back to my childhood, I loved the idea of turning chores into games. I remember when I was a young kid my mother would have us all bring down the laundry baskets to the basement and we would watch movies together and fold the laundry, I remember distinctively one day we watched Star Wars, A New Hope. These folding activities are one of the few things I distinctively remember from my childhood. And it is definitely the only positive memory of doing chores.

    1. It brings back memories for me too. I hope I can do better with making chores fun for my children. I hope they can someday look back on such memories.

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