I have always loved the idea of installing a backyard waterfall or Pond. The thing is, I didn’t know the first thing about upkeeping a water feature so it wouldn’t start looking nasty (like soo many I have seen).  I f you are like me and the one thing holding you back from getting that desired water feature to beautify your yard is the lack of knowing how to maintain it properly, then you will find this guest post written by Aaron Riley very informative. 


Have you ever dreamed of the perfect backyard, a place where you can relax and entertain? You don’t need to have a grand estate in order to feel like a king or queen. Installing a backyard waterfall and pond can immediately bring your landscape to life, and it might not be as expensive as you think.


Building a backyard waterfall isn’t the end of it though. You’ll also need to provide continued maintenance so that your waterfall keeps working for the long run. Read on for 10 ways you can keep your waterfall working its best.


  1. Watch the water

If you start to notice that the water flowing isn’t looking clear and sparkling, this can be a hint that something is going wrong. Keeping an eye on your waterfall isn’t just good for relaxing, it’s also key to avoid problems.


  1. Maintain filters

While high quality products may not require as much attention, no matter what waterfall you have, there will be a filter to prevent anything from getting into the pump. This helps make sure that your water stays looking fresh. Make sure your filter is serviced and replaced according to a proper schedule.


  1. Keep it algae-free

Installing the right plants can help prevent algae from growing up around your water features. Floating plants are both pretty to look at and helpful for keeping your water algae-free.


  1. Balance the water

You’ll want to test your water regularly to maintain a pH of around 7. There are plenty of kits available that will help you measure levels and provide solutions that will help get your water’s pH back to equilibrium.


  1. Skim off surface debris

Your waterfall and pond may start collecting everything from dead bugs to dead leaves. Try and skim it as regularly as possible which will reduce pressure on your filter and keep it looking nice.


  1. 10 Easy Ways to Maintian your backyard Waterfall or Pond Refill as needed

You may find water levels dropping sue to a number of reasons, so ass water as needed so that your pump doesn’t burn out. As you add tap water, remember to add nutrients as needed to make sure it matches the existing water content.


  1. Watch your wildlife

If you have introduced fish to your pond, make sure to keep an eye on them. If they seem to be appropriate size and look healthy, your waterfall is doing a good job of circulating oxygen.


  1. Use a dye

If you are worried about algae buildup and too much sun exposure, there are certain dyes that can be used to help darken the pond’s surface, thereby taking in less light.


  1. Pay someone else to do it

If you have the budget, no one says you can’t find someone else to help keep your waterfall in tip-top shape. While maintenance charges may seem high in the short-run, they may save you long term by avoiding major problems.


  1. Use chemicals

There are a number of chemical-based products that promise to help with your landscaping water features. Only you can decide whether their use is appropriate for use in your backyard and whether they will damage waterfall’s machinery.


Aaron Riley (Guest Post Author)

 This guest post was written by Aaron Riley, an avid home & health blogger. you can follow his G+ profile for regular home & health updates.

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