Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Chocolate!

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday meant to be celebrated. What better way to celebrate than with chocolate? Even better a chocolate KISS that has little message on it?

You can give some in a little big as a gift or place them in a bowl as the perfect snack on the big day. Either way, I love Hershey Kiss bottoms (often referred to as Hershey Kiss stickers). I had a lot of fun designing these printables for you. The Hershey Kiss Bottoms printable comes with 72 circles perfectly sized to go on the bottom of your favorite Hershey Kiss. My favorite is Hershey Kiss with Almonds but my Husband and Kids prefer the plain chocolate ones. This printable has 4 coordinating designs: Gold Sparkle Clover, Green Clover, St. Patricks Day subway Art, & You’re my lucky charm.

While you can print these on regular paper or cardstock I recommend printing them on cardstock. To cut them out I recommend cutting into strips, then either use a 3/4″ (.075) hole puncher, x-acto blade or scissors (which I used) to cut out each individual kiss bottom. To attach them to the bottom of the kisses you can either use permanent (non-removable) double-sided tape or a glue stick (which worked just fine for me). It really doesn’t take long to cut out each of the circles and attach them and they are super cute when done.

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Click Here to download your Free St. Patrick’s Day Hershey Kiss Bottom Printable.


What is your favorite Hershey KISS flavor?


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