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Hi!  Welcome!  I’m so excited to share these 7 simple hairstyles with you.  They’re quick, and easy, and super cute!


My girls have totally different hair than I do. They all have their dad’s hair. It’s blond, thin, and wispy. It’s beautiful … just not thick, dark, and holds a curl without an issue (like mine, lol). I had to really learn how to do their hair.


There are so many hair sites out there, but I feel like all the little toddlers have lovely hair that is just so thick and even long! My girls just are blessed differently. So today I want to share some easy toddler hairstyles that have worked for my girls through the years.


Basic Hair Needs:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Small elastics like these ones
  • Fine tooth comb like this one
  • Something to entertain, distract the toddler (put them in front of the mirror, and let them play with bows or something, or do it while they’re eating breakfast in the high chair or booster seat).


Easy Toddler Hairstyle #1:

Three ponies connected – This is super easy, but adorable.  Grab your spray bottle and comb, and wet down the hair.  Part the hair where it usually naturally parts, and then you’ll just divide the top section up.  Really, just do one section at a time though.  Use your comb, and divide that first section, and put the elastic in, and then do the second, then third, and then done.  Easy.
Toddler Hairstyles by Simplistically Sassy

Easy toddler hairstyle #2

Three Peek-A-Boos – We call these “peek-a-boos” because with my oldest daughter I got her to keep her head still by asking where her hair went, and then it did a little “peek-a-boo” and we found it.  😉  Alright, so with this, wet the hair again.  Then you will start on one of the sides, and eyeball sectioning it off, and go back as far as you’d like.  You’ll grab your elastic, and make a loose pony tail.  There are a couple options here — between the elastic and the head, you can just use your fingers to divide the hair in half, and then flip the pony tail through it by pushing it up and under.  You can also part the hair using a pencil if it’s easier.  Repeat that two times.
Toddler Hairstyles by Simplistically Sassy


To see the other 5 cute and easy Toddler Hairstyles make sure to click on the link below!

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Toddler HairstylesThat Are Totally

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