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I have to give my sister-in-law Lexi Credit. When she decides to throw a party she goes all out. (just like me). My niece recently turned 3 and since her favorite movies are Toy Story 1,2 &3 my sister-in-law decided to throw an epic Toy Story-themed family birthday party. She did such an amazing job I had to ask for permission to share all about it on my blog.


The first thing I noticed upon entering their home was the little parachuters hanging from the entryway light. When we came into the main room for the party I loved the primary colored balloons and crepe paper, and the hiding in plain sight little green army men (like the ones hiding on in the corner with a walkie talkie.

How to Throw the Perfect Toy Story Birthday Party!!


In one corner a hand made Etch a Sketch Photo booth (made from painted cardboard with a Toy Story styled cloudy backdrop) area was set up with fun Toy Story themed photo props. Everyone just loved taking turns having their pictures taken,


How to Throw the Perfect Toy Story Birthday Party!!

On the table next to the photo area and props were fun party favors (army men, parachuters, cowboy/ cowgirl hats, poppets, and sheriffs badges. My kids totally claimed theirs at the beginning of the party so they could get in the spirit of the fun.


How to Throw the Perfect Toy Story Birthday Party!!

The food was all Toy Story themed of course.  set off by the gorgeous backdrop and cowboy tablecloth with all the fun little food lable tags.

Food items: Rex’s Salad (Tossed salad with dressing), Pizza Planet Pizza, Slinkys Breadsticks, Buzz’ Rocket Fuel (Bottled Water), Poisoned Water Hole (soda), There’s a Snake in My Boots (gummy worms) Jessie’s Haybales, and Ailen Cupcakes for dessert.

How to Throw the Perfect Toy Story Birthday Party!!My 18-month-old son loved sitting on the couch watching Toy Story 2 while eating his food. I have to admit I watched a bit myself. For #2 is my favorite of the 3 Toy Story Movies and it was nice to watch it on a 3D TV.

How to Throw the Perfect Toy Story Birthday Party!!

After food and photos the kids took turns swinging at the Bullseye pinata. They all had fun breaking open the pinata and diving for the candy. Though apparently my nephew didn’t realize we were actually going to break the horsey and tearfully demanded we put him back together after all the candy had been collected.


How to Throw the Perfect Toy Story Birthday Party!!

I think my niece’s favorite moment was when she unwrapped her presents to discover she had been given her own Woody and Jesse dolls. You can’t tell in this picture but she really is super happy.

How to Throw the Perfect Toy Story Birthday Party!!

A big Thank You to my awesome My sister-in-law Lexi who not only threw this epic party but also allowed me to write this post about it. She has a Fashion/Beauty blog called Beautiful By Lex and  you can also follow her on instagram)


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Such great ideas for Throwing a Toy Story Birthday Party!

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  1. I just love the names that you gave to the food. Very cool party theme.

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