(This post is sponsored by Jones Creek Beef. I was given free Beef steaks to facilitate this Recipe post, but the views and opinions are all my own. See my disclosure here.)


If you are going to cook Paleo you want to first start with the best ingredients like grass-fed beef from Jones Creek Beef.


This last month my husband and I took the Whole 30 Diet Challenge. (Basically a Paleo diet with a few more rules) We wanted to reboot our bodies which due to stress, and overindulgence of holiday treats were in a sad state. I figured that a month of no dairy, sugar, grains, or beans would be good for us. When people found out we were taking the challenge and what we couldn’t eat they always asked, “Is there ANYTHING you can eat?” Of course! We were able to eat lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Meal time preparation increased, but the meals were always delicious.

shortly into our 30-day challenge, I decided I wanted to cook a roast for Sunday dinner. There was just one problem. All my favorite recipes included ingredients that weren’t allowed on my diet. (like soy sauce and cream of chicken.)  Not letting that stop me I decided to make up my own recipe. 




  • 2lb Roast**
  • Seasonings (Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic powder, Italian seasonings)
  • Olive oil



  • **First of all if you are going Paleo or Whole 30  you want the healthiest ingredients. For beef, I highly recommend Grass fed. I got my grass fed beef from Jones Creek Beef. Grass fed beef is way healthier as well as more tender and juicy. [To learn more about why grass-fed beef is so good for you go HERE.]
  • Put a large nonstick pan on the stock and turn the heat to hi. Then take the roast and sear each side for a few seconds (this locks in the juice)
  • Take the roast and rub in olive oil to the whole roast.
  • Place in baking dish (with lid) and add favorite seasonings. Honestly I just freshly ground some sea salt, and then added a few liberal shakes of a few favorite seasonings.
  • Place lid over roast and bake at 250° for 4 hours (typically with grass fed beef you want to cook at lower temperatures for less time than regular beef.)


The roast turned out just perfect. It was juicy, flavorful and fall apart. I served it up with some pan fried potatoes and it was a hit with everyone. We agreed that I’ll have to make this again even after our diet is over.


What is your favorite way to cook up a roast?



Easy & Delicious Paleo Slow Cook Roast

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