I adore Croissants. They are even better if you add chocolate and Nutella.


Are you looking for a quick, gorgeous, and totally delicious dessert? Well so was I the other evening. I wanted to make a delicious dessert for my family, but I didn’t want to spend all evening making it (like I would with cookies). I opened the fridge and saw that I had two packages of croissants in the fridge waiting to be cooked up. Then I looked over and saw our container of Nutella on the counter and inspiration struck. Why not combine the flakey goodness of a buttery croissant with the decadent sweetness of Nutella spread and drizzled chocolate?

When I whipped up my first batch (which didn’t take long at all) my whole family agreed that Chocolate Nutella Croissants were a new family favorite which I would have to make again and again.


Sinfully Delicious Chocolate Nutella Croissonts

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These Chocolate Nutella Croissants are incredibly quick and easy to make and have the wow factor of being sinfully delicious!

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8 thoughts on “Sinfully Delicious Chocolate Nutella Croissants

  1. Hi Julia,

    Oh my, these croissants are so easy to make! Great recipe, thank you! I will make them for sure since I have Nutella and croissants at home!


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