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When it comes to baby shower gifts I am all about being creative with my gifts.

I have given everything from hand crocheted baby blankets, to diapers cakes/ babies, to Printable Nursery decor that I designed myself. Right now I am all about custom baby onesies. I have hand sewn embellishments onto onesies before, but at the moment, I am in love with how cute and creative I can get with using Iron-on with my Cricut Explore Air™ (which I totally LOVE!!) .


The first Iron-on I did was a few weeks ago I went to a crafternoon at Cricut where I learned how to use Iron-on transfer and got to design (using elements from Cricut Design Space™) and make an adorable little girl’s baby onesie for my friends baby shower taking place a few days later. I was surprised at how easy it was to make and how totally adorbs it turned out. If you have a subscription to Cricut’s Design space you can use this Link to access my design board to make this super cute “Isn’t she Lovely” Baby onesie yourself.


DIY Isn't She Lovely Baby Girl Onesie


Now you might say, “isn’t Iron on expensive? The truth is…Not really. Why? Because one roll of Iron-on can be used for multiple projects (depending on the size), This is especially true when using it to make baby onesies since they are soo small.


I have a few friends and family who are expecting right now so I decided to get my creative juices flowing and utilize my hubby’s amazing illustration skills to create some more fun and adorable little lady and gentleman baby onesies. Yesterday we made them and I couldn’t be happier!


First, I wanted to make a little lady onesie with a chunky necklace design. I love the look of those chunky baby necklaces. I wanted to be able to have the pretty effect of the necklace while at the same time avoiding the yanking, pulling and destroying of said necklace because the baby doesn’t like having anything actually around her neck. My husband designed the rose pendant design and I just added circles to the design for the beads. To give it that extra bling I used Glitter Iron-on.

DIY Baby Onesie's with FREE SVG Cut Files


You can download the SVG file for the necklace design HERE. Then just size it in your design space for the size of the outfit you are making.


Next we move on to the 2 Little Gentleman onesies. My husband and I are totally old school. We love the look of the gentleman’s outfits from the turn of the century when men we dapper with their ties/bow ties, suspenders or sported a shiny pocket watch.

DIY Bow Ties for Little Boy Onesies (1)

First I had my hubby design a classic bow tie for me to use on both of the little boy onesies. You can get the free SVG file for the bow tie HERE.


Then for the first little gentleman outfit, I teamed the bow tie with a pocket/pocket watch design. to give it a bit of a bling I used Glitter Iron-on for both the bow tie as well as the pocket watch. (I stuck with simple charcoal gray for the pockets.


TheQuietGrove.Com (8)

You can download the SVG file for the pocket/pocket watch design HERE. Then just size it in your design space for the size of the outfit you are making.


For the second Little Gentleman outfit, I decided to use the bow tie design teamed with the cutest Suspenders. You can’t see it as good in the picture because I used dark greey Iron-on with Black for the suspenders, but the contrast shows up great in person for the suspender details. I have considered making the bottom part of the suspenders in light grey or some other color for higher contrast next time, but I still think the dark grey with black turned out super cute.


SVG Suspenders Cut File for Little Boy Onesies

You can download the SVG file for the Suspenders design HERE. Then just size it in your design space for the size of the outfit you are making.


Now for some tips for using Iron-on:

  • After you get your design sized in Cricut’s Design space remember that Cricut automatically will scrunch the cut outs to conserve the most Iron-on. So if you need to have the design spaced perfectly for convenience than you will want to select all of the items (like the silver circles for the necklace) and select the attach button. Then do that for the next color layer (like the pink circles and rose pendant)
  • After sending the design to your Cricut to cut out, Before cutting out the Iron-on make sure you select the little button for each sheet to reverse the image for Iron on.
  • Place the Iron on shiny side down on your cutting mat.
  • After the Iron-on is cut, It is easier to weed out the unneeded Material if you leave the Iron on stuck to the cutting mat (this is especially true with intricate designs.)
  • Make sure you are patient as you do your weeding (especially with intricate designs) so you don’t miss any of the details. This is especially true if you are using glitter Iron-on which is harder to see the cut design you are weeding) All else fails refer to the design image on your computer or Ipad to know where the details are.
  • Heat your shirt or fabric surface with the iron briefly before positioning the Iron-on where you want it.
  • Put the Iron directly on the Iron-on (and plastic backing) for just a second to help the initial stick, before placing a white cloth between the Iron on and Iron for the rest of the heat pressing.
  • Be patient and apply pressure as you do your heat pressing. If you are using a traditional Iron (and not a heat press) it will take a few swipes to get the Iron on to set.
  • Iron with a cloth right over the Iron-on as well as on the back (by flipping the onesie over).
  • When peeling off the backing if the Iron-on isn’t set yet, then just Iron some more.
  • Only do one layer of Iron on at a time.
  • When layering Iron-on remember that glitter Iron-on and Flocked Iron-on have to be the top layer (nothing will stick to them)
  • Wash your clothes inside out in cold water, and if the Iron on happens to start coming off for any reason (it happens every once in a while) don’t worry, just Iron it again and it will re-adhere.


These DIY Baby Onesies are the perfect baby shower gift. (with Free SVG Cut Files! )

In the end, just remember to be creative and have fun. I am sure whoever you give your gift to will love it! Which Design did you like the best?!? 


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    1. Thanks for the share. You know these onesies are really easy to make actually. Especially since they are already designed. All you have to do I use with the svg files.

    1. Im not sure it has been a while since I have used a silhouette so I am no longer familiar with the Silhouette library. Sorry.

  1. Great post, Thanks for sharing. Iron on transfer is the best way to embellish the costumes especially for the babies. Apart from cricut, we can use some other cutting machines and software like Corel Draw, Photoshop etc to accomplish this task.

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