Be kind to the Earth, its the only one we have.


While I think that many naturalist and conservationist take it way to far when it comes to taking care of our Earth. They put the natural plants, rock formations,  and animals etc often before the care and needs of people. As a Christian, I believe that the Earth and all things on it were created for the benefit of Man. However, at the same time, I believe that when God placed man on the Earth, He gave a sacred mandate and stewardship to Adam and Eve and all who would come after to care for the Earth, its plants, and animals.


I believe part of our stewardship is to teach our children how to care for and love the Earth they are blessed to live upon. That’s why I love holidays like Earth Day which focuses on just that. It makes learning fun and more memorable.


Here are #32 Ideas for celebrating Earth Day with your children:


  1. -Sit down with your children and plan your family garden. (Click Here for 8 Ways To Involve Your Children with the Family Garden!)
  2. -Take your family to a local Zoo.
  3. -Volunteer at a local animal shelter or refuge.
  4. -Start planting your family garden.
  5. -Make a bird feeder.  (12 Bird Feeders for kids to make)
  6. -Learn how to press and preserve flowers.
  7. -Go old school and Watch the Magic School Bus! (It’s on Netflix)
  8. -Go on a hike.
  9. -Read books about the earth (find a lot of recommendations at your local library or Pinterest)
  10. -Visit a plant nursery.
  11. -Visit a local Aquarium.
  12. -Make recycled paper. (Making Paper with kids)
  13. -Do some plan rubbings (with paper and crayons) to make some natural art.
  14. -Have a car free day to lessen emission pollution.
  15. -Make Nature Prints using air dry clay.
  16. -Teach your kids about recycling.
  17. -Donate or plant a Tree.
  18. -Go on a trash clean up walk (where you bring a bag and gloves and clean up all the trash you find on the ground as you walk)
  19. -Help weed a neighbor’s yard.
  20. -Watch a nature movie.
  21. -Do a collection for needed items for an animal shelter.
  22. -Start a nature Journal (Nature Studies, Nature Notebooks: A Parent Child JourneyNature Notebooks)
  23. -Go Bird-watching and see how many birds you can identify.
  24. -Visit a local Natural History Museum.
  25. -Have a power-free day (no electronics)
  26. -Pull out a world map and learn about different places of the world, (the wildlife, climate, the Earth formations etc…)
  27. -Take your kids to the park or just spend time playing outside.
  28. -Make a fairy garden with your kids. (Fairy Vegetable Garden, 12 Fantastic Fairy Garden Ideas)
  29. -Go visit and enjoy  Mountain, Forest, Lake, Ocean etc that is not far from where you live.
  30. Learn about the different kinds of clouds
  31. Do coloring pages, or inside Earth Crafts (you can find a lot on Pinterest for free)
  32. Do a Nature “I Spy” either while on a walk or in the car.


What are your plans for celebrating Earth Day this year? Are you going to do one of the things I suggested above or something else? Do tell! 


Check out these 32 Last Minute Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with your Children.

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7 thoughts on “#32 Last Minute Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

  1. Fun Ideas! I think i might start our garden this weekend. We usually wait until May, but it’s been warm enough this year I think it would be fun to start early.

  2. Great ideas! My oldest did a few things at school, but I’d like to do some of these with the twins at home. We also LOVE the Magic School Bus and watch it all the time. 🙂

  3. These are all great ideas and we participate in several you mentioned like volunteering at the animal shelter and visiting the parks and zoos but I love your idea about taking time today to plan our garden together! Fantastic idea! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Happy Earth Day!

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