Geography is an important yet often neglected subject.


I love geography. I really do.  Maybe it is because of the travel bug I seem to have caught years ago (that is only getting worse.) but I love learning about new places local and across the world. When I see a report on the news about something that happened at such and such place, I like to know where that is.


Understanding, even the basics of geography like knowing the names and locations of all the Nation States (aka countries) in the world as well as all the states or provinces in your own country (for me that’s the USA) is very important in many ways in the world we live in today. And yet it is often neglected.


How many students do a grade school report on a state like I did as a child, and then couldn’t  remember anything about it a year or two later other than that that is a state in a general area of our country? How many students crammed to pass a geography quiz on capitals and then even a few weeks later couldn’t tell you the answer to “What is the Capital of South Dakota?”?  (the answer is Pierre by the way)


This isn’t just a problem with public or private school. I can’t tell you how many home school students I know who never even studied geography at all. Or if they did, they also couldn’t remember anything later on.


I am a firm believer that learning needs to be fun and applicable for it to stay in the mind. It also has to be used or refreshed regularly.  So how can you make Geography fun?


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earn How to Make Geography FUN So Your Kids Will Actually Remember!


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6 thoughts on “How to Make Geography FUN So Your Kids Will Actually Remember!

  1. This is great. Schools really neglect this subject. Most kids I now can’t read a map or know their directions.

    1. Exactly. Which is why we as parents (regardless of where our kids go to school) need to make sure our kids are learning this.

  2. Wow, this is great! Thank you for sharing. I am always looking for ways to make school fun for the kids 🙂

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