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Did you know that you could get a free family movie night a Month with Walmart’s Family Mobile Plus Plan?


So, I have been needing a new phone for a while now. I’ve known this but have been dragging my feet in doing something about it. I use my phone a lot for my blog and social media. I also use my phone to take pictures and videos of my family (especially my kids). I knew my new phone would have to have a great camera for pictures and video as well as a newer system to do live video streaming (which I would like to get into) and keep up with the many apps I use. Because of all of this, I wanted to take the time to make my phone choice with care.


After a bit of research, I decided to go with the LG G Stylo. I loved that this phone has a better quality camera than most Androids on the Market (13 MP Camera with Laser Auto Focus.), HD Video Capabilities, a Large Screen (5.7″ HD IPS Display), Long Battery Life (Up to 18 hours Talk Time and Up to 18 days and 5 hours Standby Time),  Micro SD Memory Expansion capabilities and really great reviews.  I was even happier to find that my local Walmart carried my desired phone and that it was on Rollback for only $179.00 (Rollback from $199.00). I have been using my phone for a week now and am totally in LOVE!

Walmart Family Mobile Plan

My husband and I don’t like having a contract for our phone (yes we are one those people who like to be able to cancel whenever we want with no fines) which is why when we learned about Walmart Family Mobile Plan and all it offered we were super excited to switch over and set up with them! I get to have Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data (the first 10bGB are 4G LTE) for only $49.88 a Month! I was especially excited about the 10gb of 4G LTE Data. My current service only offers 2 GB of higher end data before defaulting to a lower data plan each month. I use that up pretty quick with all the social media work I do for my blog while away from the house, and plan to be using a lot more as I start doing more live streaming. In addition to using my phone for work I will be using data even more to skype and like stream videos of my children for our family since we will be shortly moving out of state and want to stay close.


In addition to this each month I pay on time I get a FREE  VUDU Movie Rental ($7 Value) per line of $49.88.  Yeah, when I saw all this I totally switched (We will be switching my husband’s phone as soon as our pre-paid month coverage with his current provider is finished.)! I was also happy to see that aparently the Starter Kits (with the sim card needed for switching service to Walmart’s Family Mobile Plan) are on rollback discount for the first time ever for just $19.88 (from $25) until July 7th.  Yey for Saving More Money!! 


Family Movie Nights Are Great Ways To Bring the Family Together!

How To Throw An Epic Family Movie Night (4)

Family movie nights are a tradition in our home. We have them all the time. I love cuddling with my husband and kids on our giant bean bag while watching fun wholesome movies together. I find it is a great way to subtly strengthen our little family while relaxing and having fun.


Usually, our family movie nights are very informal occasions where we gather the kids, grab some microwavable popcorn and pop in a favorite DVD into our DVD player to watch on our tv in our downstairs family room. However, with the FREE VUDU Movie rental that I will be getting (thanks to my Walmart Family Mobile Plan) each month, I thought it would be fun to have one movie night a month that is more…Well…Epic!


The FREE VUDU Movie rental is good for new movies which my husband and kid are really excited about. I like the fact that with streaming there are no late fees and that the movies can be streamed on more than just my tv. Yeah, you can stream it with a variety of compatible devices (such as Smart TV, ROKU(R), Chromecast(R), VUDU Spark(TM), tablet, or other compatible devices.). This is great because it means we can watch movies with the family on our large tv in our downstairs family room, or occasionally, I can use my Rental to watch a movie snuggled up in bed with my hubby on my tablet (as date night in) after the kids are in bed.


For our first Epic Family movie night with our FREE VUDU Movie Rental, I had my husband create some really cool Family Movie Theater Printables to decorate our downstairs family room. I moved our upstairs end table downstairs to set up a little concession stand (with more printables designed by my hubby), with yummy treats for the family to enjoy during the movie (popcorn, candy and since my kids are young Koolaid in sippy cups to drink). For the final touch, my husband designed tickets to give out to each family member in advance to tell them what movie we would be watching and get them excited for the night ahead.

How To Throw An Epic Family Movie Night


The kids had fun picking out their concession stand treats and then snuggling down together on the bean bag to watch our movie together. Since our kids are getting bigger requiring more room and we didn’t feel like wearing their treats we snuggled down on either side of the Bean bag to enjoy our family movie together. We had soo much fun the kids asked if we could do this every month!


These free Family Movie Theater printables are great for family movie nights or for movie themed parties with friends. The banner is customizable with wording for this reason.


How To Throw An Epic Family Movie Night

Click Here to Download your own Family Movie Theater Printables


If you haven’t checked out Walmart’s Family Mobile plan and compared it with your current service I would highly recommend it! After all, in addition to amazing Mobile Service plans, you can also get Free Movie NIGHTS! 


**Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to http://cbi.as/3edbs or your local Walmart for current pricing.

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