Though The Official First day of Summer isn’t until next week we are already in Full Summer Mode at the Groves Home.


Today we had a Welcome Summer Party. The full write up for the party will be posted Next Monday (I’ll link it as soon as its live) but I couldn’t wait to share the delicious dessert I made for the celebration. Yep, we made Teddy Bear Beach Pudding cups! They were super easy to make and were definitely a hit!


I have seen a lot of Beach themed cups shared on Facebook and Pinterest, but each time there was one thing that bothered me about them. They all looked good, but with the mixed flavors used I would never be willing to eat them. I mean who would want to eat a dessert cup that has Blue Raspberry Jello  with gold fish mixed in? seriously?? Yeah, I wanted to make a fun dessert cup that looks good and tastes good as well.

Click The “Take Me Straight to The Recipe” Button for the Recipe and instructions!

Recipe Button-01


Teddy Bear Beach Themed Pudding Cups

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