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Did you know that Dry Mouth is a real condition?


Many people in the world suffer from the condition of dry mouth, and I mean suffer. Which is why they are always looking to learn how to cure dry mouth. Yeah until really recently I had no idea. I had no idea that Dry mouth was a real condition that I actually suffered from or that it is treatable.  This news was very exciting to me for I thought that those dry mouth symptoms were something I just had to live with.


Now to be clear, there is no official cure for dry mouth. There are however, ways to treat it. 


Why is this? Well, dry mouth is actually a symptom of a larger issues. Many who suffer from severe dry mouth do so because of major medical conditions or the treatments/medications of those medical condition. Unless you stopped the treatment/meds or cured the major medical issues resulting in dry mouth, your dry mouth condition will not fully go away.


Likewise, if you suffer from dry mouth due to lifestyle (drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, dehydration, major physical activity, allergies and mouth breathing… unless you cured the problem causing dry mouth you cant cure it.


The good news is that there is a way to treat dry mouth to majorly lesson the discomforting symptoms. 


I have dry mouth issues due to major mouth breathing caused by severe allergies and a high roofed mouth palat which pushes on my sinus cavities. Since neither of those conditions is something I can get rid of right now I thought that my dry mouth as something I would have to live with. Then I heard of Oral7’s Dry mouth kit and challenge.


How to Cure Dry Mouth:Taking The Oral7 Dry Mouth Challenge

You can Click HERE to request a free sample of their dry mouth kit to use for 2 weeks to see if it makes a difference. 


Now to be honest, I am a skeptic. There are a lot of product out there that claim to do a lot of stuff, which just don’t. However, I was intrigued enough to try it out. After all the kit was free so what could it hurt to try?.


When  my box arrived I saw that the Oral 7 Dry mouth kit had 3 products. A Moisturizing ToothPaste, Moisturizing Mouth Wash, and a Moisturizing MouthGel. The instructions said to use the Toothpaste 2-3 times a day followed by the mouthwash. Then at night to additionally use the gel.

How to Cure Dry Mouth:Taking The Oral7 Dry Mouth Challenge

And so my challenge began. The first thing I noticed was that the toothpaste didn’t foam up like normal toothpaste. Yet, after using it my mouth felt clean and refreshed. Even more some dark stains that I had been unable to get red of before (through various means) were gone. After using the mouth wash, my mouth felt refreshed and moist. The gel really moistened my mouth and I found that I woke up less in the night and when I did my mouth wasn’t all dry and gooky/nasty like normal.


By the end of the 3rd day using the Oral7 DryMouth Kit I noticed something else. Due to my mouth breathing/dry mouth, my gums have always been uber sensitive. As in they would bleed and be painfully sensitive every time I brushed my teeth. They have been this way for years no matter what products I tried. By the end of that third day the sensitivity had dropped majorly and by the end of that first week it was gone. For me this was a miracle. I never thought I would see the day where I would brush/floss my teeth and they wouldn’t bleed and be painful for a while afterwards.


How to Cure Dry Mouth:Taking The Oral7 Dry Mouth Challenge

I told my husband all about the results and he decided to try it out for himself. Now he doesnt have dry mouth issues, but he has found he much prefers the Oral 7 products to our favorite brands before.


Now why does it work??


Oral 7 products contain n enzymes found in saliva to stimulate the saliva glands to work better producing more natural saliva. it neutralizes acid in the mouth making it more ph balanced. and lastly they don’t contain agents that most toothpastes and mouth washes on the market that lead to more dry mouth. (like the agent in tooth past that causes it to foam which actually dries out the mouth, or the alcohol in most mouth washes which also dries out the mouth.)

How to Cure Dry Mouth:Taking The Oral7 Dry Mouth Challenge

If you suffer from Dry mouth issues, whether severely or even just irritatingly I recommend you request a free dry mouth kit yourself and take their 7 day challenge. Seriously, I have seen such a major improvement that I don’t think I’ll ever go back. 


Taking The Oral7 Dry Mouth Challenge


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