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A new Exhibit is coming to Utah’s Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City and I am over the moon with excitement.


I have always loved museums. This is especially true as a homeschooling parent. Each time time I go see an exhibit I am inspired. I have noticed that the same goes for my children. I am grateful that Utah has so many amazing museums available for families.


The Leonardo Museum in down town Salt Lake City is a favorite of mine. They always have such amazing exhibits available which ever disappoint. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I learned about their newest exhibit which opens the beginning of August 2016. This exhibit will be their first ever in-house Utah built exhibit and will be all about FLIGHT!


I have always been fascinated by flying. I think that it’s fitting that the first in-house exhibit of the Leonardo is about FLIGHT since that is a subject that was soo near and dear to Leonardo Da Vinci himself. I hear that they will even have a replica of Da Vinci’s first flying machine on display in the exhibit! How inspiring is that?!?


Check out the Leonardo's new in-house exhibit FLIGHT


I didn’t think this exhibit could get any cooler until I found out that the main piece of the exhibit is a full sized C-131 aircraft. This aircraft is sooo big that the wingspan only clears the walls by 6 inches and they had to remove an entire wall of the museum to get it in.  The best part (and the part my kids are the most excited about is that this aircraft isn’t just to look at. Not at all. that’s right patrons are actually allowed to climb up on the wings, go into the cockpit where they can play with all the buttons, gadgets ad levers and then slide out the back of the airplane on a gigantic slide. (Somehow I see my kids wanting to do that over and over again….) for those mechanically minded you will also be allowed to take a look at the fuselage and learn how everything is put together and works.  

*This plane is a real plane people. It has been flown both for commercial and military flights.

**Other great things included in this exhibit are a Russian MiG-21, a real (as in it really worked once upon a time) rocket pack, and a flight simulators (provided by Rockwell Collins)!


Since this Exhibit is all about flight it will teach about Buoyant Flight (yeah like hot air balloons), Ballistic flight (Rockets and Missiles) and Aerodynamic flight (airplanes) as well as animal flight.


I love the hands on aspect of this exhibit. My kids learn soo much more when they can interact with what they are learning about. I think such exhibits are more inspiring as well (which is just what I want for my kids) . Because of this I foresee taking my kids to this exhibit often for homeschool field trips. There is sooo much there is no way we could get it all in one visit.

Check out the Leonardo's new in-house exhibit FLIGHT



Right now when you donate to the Leonardo’s Indigogo Crowdfunding campaign and you can get tickets for a steal of a deal. (as in for just a $5 donation you can get a ticket to the exhibit which is normally $13) Seriously, you won’t find a better price than via donating through this crowdfunding campaign. If you donate $50 you can get 4 tickets to their pre-opening of FLIGHT on August 5th!!)


If you are as excited about this exhibit on FLIGHT as I am I encourage you to please share this post to help spread the word! And Don’t Forget to get your Discount tickets by donating to their Croudfunding campaign!


A New Exhibit is coming to Utah's Leonardo Exhibit and it's All about FLIGHT!

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  1. I love flight! It was so fascinating reading the David McCullough book about the Wright Brothers. This display would be so amazing to take the kiddos to.

  2. I would love to take my brother and his family to this, who is working on being a pilot. His little boys would love it.

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