I am super excited to share with you this Easy DIY for Oversized Outdoor Dominoes.


Recently I was scrolling through Pinterest (I have to admit it is a favorite past time of mine.) and I came across a pin for DIY Outdoor Jenga. I thought the idea was ingenious. I loved the idea of taking classic games and making larger outdoor versions to take the fun outside. (For let’s be honest we all spend a little too much time inside these days)



I decided that I wanted to make some of my own. Since my kids are young I wanted to make some games that would be easy for them to learn and play. So I decided on making an Outdoor Yahtzee and Dominoes sets. (after all both games deal with patterns and numbers, both of which are easier for little kids while still being super fun for older kids and adults)


DIY Oversized Outside Dominoes



After looking at prices for precut and sanded wood pieced that might work I decided that a trip to the hardware store was in order (because the prices online were just too high even when buying in bulk.)


I decided to go with Lowes (who I love for hardware items) and discovered that I could get 2x6x16  wood boards for only $10.22. I also discovered that they could cut the wood for me. The first 2 cuts are free and it’s only .25 for each cut after that.


I had them cut the boards into 28 (which is a standard Dominoes set) each 12 inches long.


Now the reason I chose 2 16 foot boards was that you lose a little length in each cut you by choosing 2 16 foot boards I was able to still have all 28 boards cut the same size (and got a little excess board to do other projects with). In the end the price of the wood and having Lowe cut it for me I spent just over $25 with tax.


Next, I had my wonderful husband pull out our power sander and sand the edges and sides of each Domino piece.

DIY Oversized Outside Dominoes


Then using 2 Dollar Store Table Cloths I painted each board Deep Teal Blue. (It took about 6 $1 bottles of Acrylic Craft paint I got from Michaels.) I first painted the top (with a thick layer) and all 4 sides using basic sponge brushes from the craft store. Then, after that dried I painted the bottom and touched up the sides.


DIY Oversized Outside Dominoes


Next, I looked up how many dots were on a standard set of Dominoes (the answer was 168). I am sure you could just paint the dots on each one, but I decided to use some of the vinyl I had in my crafts supply instead to make it easier for me.  So I went into my Cricut Design Space™ and made a few different sizes of dots which I cut out of paper to lay on the boards so I would know what size dots and lines I would need.

DIY Oversized Outside Dominoes
Once I had the sizes right I copied the circles and lines till I had 168 circles and 28 lines ready to cut out I set my Cricut Explore Air™ machine to cutting.  If you have a Cricut here is my Canvas.  I cut the dots out of one 12×24 sheet of cream colored vinyl.


Next, I laid out all my painted wood pieces on my living room floor and applied all the dots and lines using this nifty diagram I found via Google (you can find anything on google).


DIY Oversized Outside Dominoes


Lastly, I laid all the boards back on those  $1 table cloths for my husband to spray with polyurethane sealant. (If you feel you need some more reinforcement over the vinyl then you can add a layer of mod podge and let it harden before adding the polyurethane. I totally LOVE how they turned out!



DIY Oversized Outside Dominoes

As a quick recap for this DIY project:



  • 2 2x6x16 Wood boards
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Vinyl
  • Cricut Cutting Machine
  • Mod Podge (Option)
  • Polyurethane Spray
  • Electric Sander
  • Cheap table cloths or drop cloths



  • Have boards cut into 28 12in tiles
  • Sand with electric sander till all sides are smooth
  • Paint with acrylic Paint
  • Cut out Vinyl Dots and lines
  • Stick vinyl to times
  • (Optional* put thin coating of mod podge over tiles)
  • Spray with Polyurethane
  • Let Dry and ENJOY!



I am excited to teach my older two children and my husband how to play so we can pull it out to play at some of our upcoming Summer get get-togethers. My husband wants to use them to make long domino trains to knock over and my 2 year old thinks its fun to make paths to walk on. All in all this dominoes set has been a huge hit.

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