Yogurt Popsicles are healthy, yummy, and refreshing in the blistering Summer Heat.


I don’t know about you, but when summer hits my kids are constantly asking for popsicles. Why? because it’s HOT outside. While I totally understand why my kids are always asking for popsicles, that doesn’t mean I want them downing sooo much sugar.  At least not all the time.


Thankfully there is a healthy alternative that is just as good. That’s right yogurt popsicles. Seriously they are super easy to make. Just get your favorite yogurt from the store. (my kids adore yoplate yogurt especially the berry flavors like Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Cherry, or Mixed Berry)


Once you have your favorite yogurt its time to pull out your popsicle molds.  The one’s I like to use are from IKEA and are just a few dollars. I like these because the handle and base are removable from the stand they are frozen in so the kids can carry the base around eliminating a lot of the mess.



EASY Yogurt Popsicles!


Then just fill up the molds and freeze. I know some who like to go extra healthy by buying plain yogurt and adding their own fresh berries, but like to just get the ones with the flavors and berries already mixed in. Its easier that way and my kids like them.


Once frozen just pull out the mold from the base and run it briefly under water to pull the popsicle out and then hand them over to the kids. Mine are actually out on the front porch enjoying their right now and are enjoying every minute of it.  I am sure your kids will too!

Easy Yogurt Popsicles!

What is your favorite yogurt flavor? I am sure it would make delicious popsicles.


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