Get your kids excited for Pete’s Dragon (coming to theaters next Friday, August 12th) with these FREE coloring & activity pages.


As a child, I LOVED Disney’s live action movie Pete’s Dragon. I mean what child doesn’t dream of having a mythological secret companion to go on adventures with? Please tell me I am not the only one. Anyways, I totally loved the movie. Which is why I was super excited to find that they were doing a remake (like they did with Cinderella).


Seriously, I am counting down the days until Pete’s Dragon hits movie theaters and I can take my kids to see it. To get my kids ready and excited for this movie experience I will be printing out these coloring pages and activity sheets for them to enjoy. Thanks to Disney giving them to me to use and share with you my readers.


Petes Dragon FREE Coloring Pages

Click HERE to Download your Free Pete’s Dragon Coloring  Pages.

Petes Dragon FREE Activity Pages

Click HERE to Download your Free Pete’s Dragon Activity Pages. 


I hope you and your kids enjoy these fun coloring and activity pages brought to you be Disney. and I hope you enjoy the movie together when it comes out.


FREE Pete's Dragon Coloring & Activity Pages

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