(I was given a complimentary stay and services by the Green Valley Ranch Resort to facilitate my review. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own. You can view my disclosure here for more details.)

There are definite advantages to staying at a Resort Hotel off the Strip when visiting Vegas.


We recently went on a family vacation to Las Vegas with some good friends. We decided that this time rather than staying in one of the Big Hotels on the Strip or off Freemont Street that we would spend 3 days  at a The Green Valley Ranch Resort about 10 minutes away in Henderson. My friends had stayed there before and highly recommended it.  When we arrived I understood why. I could totally understand why this Resort held a 4 Star rating. It was elegant and classy. Being off the strip in the nearby town of Henderson allowed for a more relaxed atmosphere while at the same time still allowed for easy access to downtown Las Vegas. They even offered a shuttle for those who wanted to visit the strip but didn’t want to worry about parking.


Unlike most Hotels I have been to in Vegas the Casino isn’t the main attraction at Green Valley Ranch. In fact, you don’t even have to go into the casino to get to your hotel rooms. I really liked that. The closest we got to the casino was walking along its edge to get from the Hotel part of the Resort to the food and entertainment sections. (They had a few fast foods options like Panda Express as well as in House restaurants, an arcade, and even a Movie Theater. ) In addition to everything I have mentioned above, here are the TOP 5 reasons you want to stay at the Green Valley Ranch for your next Vegas Vacation:


1-Their Rooms are AMAZING (pssst… Especially the Bathrooms!)

Oh my word,  I have to tell you I almost swooned when I first walked into our room. The beds were uber comfortable (my kids had to check that out immediately by ditching their bags and throwing their bodies onto the beds the moment we walked through the doors.) We liked the light walls with the dark wood accents it made for a soothing yet classy atmosphere. My husband was happy with the office desk since this was a working vacation for him. And me? I mostly fell in love with the Bathroom. It was light and airy with a bathtub, separate glass shower, a huge mirror with excellent lighting, a smaller wall mounted magnifying mirror, and even mirrors on the bathrooms doors directly across from the sink. sigh….I LOVED it! This was the absolutely nicest bathroom I have ever seen in a hotel. The minute I saw it, all I could think of was grabbing a few treats, and my current book and drawing a hot relaxing bath…


Getting a Mani-Pedi at The Green Valley Ranch Resort Salon (1)


2-Their Fabulous Salon located right near the Pool.

It is sooo nice to have a high-end Salon right there at the resort. It allowed my friend and I to slip away for an hour to go and get our nails done while our husbands watched our kids. The woman who gave me my Mani and Pedi did an excellent job while I enjoyed the view from the floor to ceiling windows facing the Family pool. I was tempted to get a blow out job or haircut but I didn’t want to push it timewise since my husband was being so gracious in letting me slip out for some girl pampering. Next time I go I will totally have to do so.


Getting a Mani-Pedi at The Green Valley Ranch Resort Salon


3-Their spa has free amenities for the Guests

Not only does the Green Valley Ranch have a gym open every day for their guests to use, they also have a spa. At their spa in addition to their paid for services like facials and massages, they also have free services open to all their guest. That’s right, during their open hours any female guest can walk down to the spa where they will be given a pair or  slippers to wear and a locker with a plush robe inside to use. Then you can change into a swim suit, grab a chilled bottle of water,  and lock your clothes in your locker to go enjoy their Jacuzzi, Sauna, or Steam Room. When you are done they have showers available and all the hair tools (like blow dryers, straightners, and curling irons) and products (like gel, hair spray and mouse…) you could need to get ready. They even have courtesy Tooth Brushes and toothpaste in case you need them.


Open Access Spa for all Guests at the Green Valley Ranch Resort

4-Their Outdoor Pool has a Sandy Beach!?!

While the Green Valley Ranch Resort actually has more than one pool (some are exclusive to adults and other can be reserved for private parties) my favorite was their main pool. I loved that the pool was totally family friendly and even  had a sandy beach on one side which slowly got deeper until you crossed over to the main pool. While I loved it, my kids were over the moon crazy happy about it.  They used our empty water cups to make sand castles and scoop up the sand in the water. I enjoyed how good my feet felt after our first pool session.  We all loved it soo much that we went back and spent over an hour there every day of our stay.


Family Friendly Pool with a Sandy Beach


5-Their Outdoor Seating Areas are perfect for spending the day or evening outside.

Why stay inside when you are at such a beautiful getaway? That is how we felt. Though there were a few times we chilled with our kids in our gorgeous rooms (The youngest still takes naps, and like I said this was a working holiday for my husband and I.) we made sure to take every opportunity to go outside. I LOVED their outdoor lounge beds with soft pillows that they had right next to cozy couch settings. One evening we took the kids out to the coaches and let them enjoy some delicious cupcakes (which the kids loved) while we relaxed on the couches and enjoyed the beauty of the Resort at night with the faint lights of the strip in the distance.


The Family Friendly Pool with a Sandy Beach



All too soon our stay at the Green Valley Ranch Resort came to a close. It was with great reluctance we packed our bags and checked out. We enjoyed ourselves soo much we are practically counting the days until we can go back. If you are planning a visit to Vegas in the near future I highly recommend checking them out! 

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