Have you ever had a homemade chilled Raspberry Pie?


I have to say that while I enjoy making and decorating cakes I am very much a pie person. Heck, I even have a Pink Lemonade Pie (an ice cream pie with a graham cracker crust…) for my birthday, instead of a traditional birthday cake.


Of all the cakes I have ever had or made my favorite would have to be this Raspberry Pie. My parents got the recipe from my aunt Bea and I have altered it slightly. (mainly the crust part)


My dad has always said that sins could be forgiven for this raspberry pie. One day when my dad was in college one of his roommates really did something that as my mom puts it “caused some friction” between the two of them. He wanted to get back into my dad’s good graces, so he called my Aunt and asked for this recipe. Then he made the pie reminded my dad that sins could be forgiven for this pie so he didn’t want to hear about the incident again.


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This recipe is for a NO BAKE/ Chilled Raspberry Pie with a graham cracker crust!

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