Aren’t Lunchbox Jokes and Notes soo much fun?


I have been in a total back to school mode lately. While I homeschool, many of my friend’s kids go to Public, Private, and Charter school. A tradition of many of these friends is to put fun like jokes, and inspirational notes in their kid’s lunches. They do this to both lighten their kids day, by giving them something fun to look forward to each day in their lunch, but also to let their kids know they are thinking of them. 



Food Themed Lunchbox Jokes

I thought the idea was brilliant. I am totally going to do this for my kid’s lunches even though they are at home. After all, my kids will still enjoy the jokes and special notes I place by their plate…right?


Which is why I decided to start using my graphic design skills to design some fun and exciting lunchbox printables to use and share. I will be doing a bunch of different themes, but decided to start with FOOD! Why? Because there are some really funny Food jokes out there and cute ways to use food to make adorable inspiring notes.

Food Themed Lunchbox Notes

This printable set comes with 3 ready to print PDF Pages. Each page has 12 printables. Page one has Harry Potter Jokes, the next has inspirational notes, and the third is blank so you can write in your own messages.

Food Themed Printable DIY Lunch Box Notes!


Click here to Download your own Food themed Lunchbox Jokes and Notes for kids! 


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