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Ask any realtor and they will tell you that right now we are living in a Sellers Market.


This is especially true in Utah, with all the tech companies moving to our state and the influx of people following those companies. Everywhere you look new houses are being built and others are going for sale. None seem to be on the market long before being snatched up, often with bidding wars with the final offer way above asking price. 


When it came to selling our home earlier this year my husband and I first thought to have one of our realtor friends help us sell. However, then we looked at the cost that changed. Holy cow I had NO IDEA how much a realtor cost. The standard Realtor fee for selling a house is 3-6%. That might not sound like much but in the case of our home that represented $8,300-$16,600. I don’t know about you, but that is a lot of money where I am concerned.


Actually, it meant the difference between selling at a loss, breaking even or walking away with a profit.

How I saved thousands by using Homie to sell my home.


When looking at the cost of a realtor we had to ask ourselves would it be worth it in our case. What does the realtor have to offer us? Well, realtors usually provide a basic drive by or desktop appraisal or fair market value assessment to help you know what to price your house at. They often arrange for photos to be taken of your house (or walk through with their smart phone and do it for you) They list your home on the MLS a database for realtors to know what houses are on the market to recommend to their clients, they arrange showings for your home, and take care of arranging your contracts. That’s a lot they do, but is it really worth several THOUSAND dollars?


In the end, my husband I decided that using a Realtor to help us sell our home just wasn’t worth the cost.


And so we decided to go the FOR SALE BY OWNER route. I knew that we could do it. Many had before us, but I was a bit overwhelmed with the whole thing.  That’s when I learned about HOMIE.com

Save thousands by using Homie

What is HOMIE? They are a real estate tech company who work with home buyers and sellers to make it so you don’t NEED a realtor! For a small fee of just $365 they offer: 

  • Home value estimate to help you price your home
  • Professional photography
  • Advertising on Homie, Zillow, Trulia, KSL, and Facebook
  • Professional yard sign
  • Automated tour scheduler
  • Call screening so you only talk with interested buyers
  • Real estate attorney assistance with all paperwork



The Home value estimate really gave us a basic starting place to know what to list our home for. We decided to list ours for higher than the estimate because of how fast the houses were going in Eagle Mountain.


Homie Photographer

I was really impressed with the professional photos that the Homie photographer took of our home. When trying to sell a home good pictures really are important.  Here are a few of the pictures that our photographer took. Like I said he did a great job.

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As we came to find out Utah realtors are taught to find and go after for sale by owners to convince them to sell with them (for as we were told by way too many realtors who showed up on our doorstep “realtors sell homes. If we wanted to sell we would have to break down and go through a realtor”….uggg…sigh) It was nice that HOMIE actually provided a number manned by them to screen those calls out so I was only notified when there was an actual prospective buyer interested in actually seeing our home.


For all the other services HOMIE offered us as sellers, the service I was most grateful for was the legal counsel once we accepted our home offer (btw our house was under contract in 5 weeks and sold for above asking price. That is pretty decent considering it was never listed on the MLS) It was nice to have an attorney to ask questions about the contract, ask for the next step in the process and get recommendations for services like which title company to use.


homie 2


All in all, I was happy with how painless the process of selling our home turned out to be with the use of HOMIE. I was sooo impressed with their service I arranged a special discount code for my readers using their service.



**As one additional tip, because I decided to be pro active in selling my house I requested copies of the photos HOMIE’s photographer took of my house and then I posted them (along with the description of my listing and link to the KSL listing) to local facebook yardsale groups as well as on my own profile page. I got a lot of interest from those posts as well as the official listings which HOMIE set for me which caused a bidding war for my home driving up the final sale price.

*Their service for buyers is FREE by the way. Just thought I would throw that out there too. 


If you have a property in Utah that you are looking to sell in the near future I highly recommend checking HOMIE out. You will save a fortune and love their service. 

How I Saved Thousands by using Homie to sell my Home (in UTAH)

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