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We all make mistakes, but these blogger mistakes can really cost you.


Do you want to have a successful blog? You know that kind that gets lots of views and shares and brings in enough money to substantially supplement if not replace your regular income? Guess what, you are not alone.


I can’t tell just can’t how many times I have heard someone (in one of the FB Blogger groups I am a part of) express frustration that though they have great “High-Quality Content” that they are failing with their blog. They say that very few beyond friends and family ever go to their blog and no one seems to share it. These bloggers contemplate just giving up because it seems hopeless to make anything of their blog.



Today, I was asked by a blogging friend of mine a question I have been asked before. Her question was how, when I have been blogging for such a short time (I started my blog June 2015)  I am able to reach so many people and get the traffic that I do. We spoke on this topic for awhile, and I made several suggestions to her about how to network and promote her blog before we parted.



However, afterwards, I got to thinking. In addition to the many good things we can do to promote our blogs, there are actually many common blogger mistakes that keep blogs from being successful. Are you ready to learn what these mistakes are and see if you are making them?


Click on the “Continue Reading Button” to discover the top 10 most common blogger mistakes that are really keeping you from the success you desire.
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Are you making one of these Mistakes? If so it could be costing you!

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14 thoughts on “The Top 10 Blogger Mistakes Keeping You From Success!

  1. Great article with helpful information. I have noticed how big of a difference quality photos make, and I’m still working on my photography skills. Patience, consistency, and the constant strive to do better and learn more keep me going and keep my blog growing.

  2. Great article – maybe you should have just went ahead and created it as an ebook and used it for an opt-in for list building? I was amazed at just how much information you were sharing in one post. Great job!

    1. Thanks. I am glad you found the information useful. I didn’t make it as the opt-in for my email list because Blogging isn’t the main focus on my blog. I just write posts occasionally on that topic because I am asked about this soo much due to the success of my blog in general.

  3. it’s crazy, i don’t think i have a contact form on my blog. i have one on my site which is connected to the blog, but not the blog itself. even if people could figure it out, it’s probably more hassle than it’s worth. thanks for pointing it out!!

  4. These are such a great tips! Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing! I was pleased to see that I’m pretty sure I’m doing okay on most of these, but I definitely have lots of room for improvement! And I really agree about not waiting to monetize!

  5. Great list! I especially agree with #9. Newsletters are so important to brand building. Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!

  6. Such great tips! The tip about not using other people’s photos without permission is so important. I read that article too. Just not worth it!

  7. This is a great article, especially for beginners! Thank you for writing it. I’ve bookmarked it too, to share with friends who are just starting out.

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