Keep your kids excitement for school alive with these fun Lunchbox Printables.


It is the simplest things that can have the greatest impact. That’s why I love the idea of lunchbox treats and printables. They are such a simple way to brighten your child’s day and help them know you are thinking of them even though they are away at school. Earlier this month I created some fun Harry Potter Printable Lunchbox Jokes and Notes as well as Food Themed Lunchbox Jokes and Notes. I thought it would be fun to create some fun school themed printables as well. If I keep this up I soon have enough for every day of the school year. Wouldn’t that be fun?


This printable set comes with 3 pages. in a PDF format that is ready to print, cut and put in your lunchbox.  The first has 12 School Themed Lunchbox Jokes.


School Themed Lunchbox Jokes


The second has 12 fun and inspiring School Themed Lunchbox notes.


School Themed Printable Lunch Box Notes!


The third page also has 12 printables with the same school themed, but is blank so you can fill in your own message.


School Themed Lunchbox DIY Notes

Click Here to Download your Free School Themed Lunchbox Printables. 


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